02/19/2021 03:39

$Plug Power thousands and thousands of Acres are being covered with solar panels in Upstate New York. these used to be farmland, and now they are massive eyesores. also all over upstate New York are the big wind turbines. when it gets cold or we get massive snow the wind turbines freeze up and the solar panels get buried in snow. not to mention in the summer the chemicals that have to be put down in the ground to stop things from growing around the solar panels. the green New Deal is a green new joke. there is not enough open land in the United States to have the majority of this country on green power. even now the people charging up their electric cars are getting electricity from coal plants or nuclear plants.
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All Comments(12)

Jon***com02/19/2021 14:22
hey professor looking at your post it looks like you're the professor of bad stock picks, add this one to your list.


Professor Chaos02/19/2021 09:18
I wonder what prestigious university this fellow got his science degree🙄🙄🙄


Paparazzi 02/19/2021 06:09
I don't think people ever thought of the EVOLUTION of the idea... it's more to solar panels than having them on the ground... (Windmills are part of OLD green technology IMO)... SO DO YOUR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH... New buildings are being built to automatically gather power to sustain THAT BUILDING so when be structures are built they will sustain themselves with the same space taken up... Stop talking out your ass and think where the technology can take us... THE END

Plumbdog Billionaire02/19/2021 10:59

Copy and paste much?


Jon***com02/19/2021 06:05
so you put up solar Farms out in deserts so you think that's where most of them are. I'm about to the East and you won't be thinking that most of them are just in deserts. I'm stating it's not feasible to think that you are going to power hundreds of millions of people on these things when it takes so many the power so little.


mik***com02/19/2021 05:59
I worked on solar farms, most get built in dessert like areas, most areas no one would want to develop other then solar. also what does an eyes sore really mean? if stuff you see causes pain, you may be too sensitive. 😂


riq***com02/19/2021 05:20
WOW! These Magatatds found a new Warcry. Green energy is bad! Yay actual pollution!!!


nid***com02/19/2021 05:08
ah, so instead of moving towards green and sustainable energy and solving the problems you mentioned, we must instead exhaust limited foil fuel resources and then sit and cry when we can no longer sustain anything. You're so intelligent


Observer02/19/2021 05:02
1. They can winterIze the wind turbines, as our Canadian neighbors have done.
2. The car as we know it evolved, and so too will the efficiency of green energy. It will take time.


JoplinSpyder02/19/2021 03:42
straight facts bro.

khy***com02/19/2021 07:31

fax bro 📠


p.x***com02/19/2021 03:41
Lol holy shit


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