09/04/2020 20:18

$PRECIPIO Anyone else in here needing this thing to double before breaking even?
The +12% looks good on my portfolio but still down a couple thousand and this guy isn't going to take that loss this time.
I don't care if it takes 6 years....you're not getting a dime of my money.
By the way, I'm in at 5.70 and not embarrassed to say it.
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All Comments(7)

vin***com09/07/2020 05:52
im down 8,400 and i had to sell half so i could try and make some money somewhere else wich hasn't worked out that great for me either im at 4.20 so I really need 8.40 to break even


Ele***com09/04/2020 22:34
I averaged down from 5.89 to 2.5.


Reptile Styyle 🦎09/04/2020 21:47
Im at 6 something


lea***com09/04/2020 21:16
hate to admit it, but... ya... bagholding big time....

lea***com09/04/2020 21:18

@7.1 caught the false dip the last big run then just dropped like two coconuts tied to a European swallow....


Bfi***com09/04/2020 21:10
did you average down?


gal***com09/04/2020 20:40
my average is 4.2


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