02/23/2021 21:47

$Triterras, Inc. OK I thought everybody knew what this company does because we all owe in stock. This is a company that is involved in block chain, not bitcoin, they do run a trading platform, they mostly offer fin Tech financing, huge mkt. they also use their block chain to support some type of shipping platform as well.

This company was a victim of a short attack, a month ago maybe A little longer. False reports. Phase 2 partners and others shorted the stock from $14 all the way to $6.50. They continue to manipulate the stock and hold it as close to $7.50 as they could so that the 50,000 or more options they sold expired almost worthless. That expiration date was February 19, so yes I expected the stock to run this week, however we saw blood on Monday and again open the market up down 400 points. So for all your tras let me know what Stock you’d like to put up against this, and we’ll see who Faris better 30 days from now 60 days from now and 90 days from now and I’d be willing to put up some big money if you can prove you have the money to cover your side of the wager.

If you like what you hear, I generally post shit like this first on my Twitter account, I will tag a few more stock so people can see what type of do diligence I actually provide

$Ford Motor new play given to twitter followers at 1124 today

$Freeport Mcmoran a few daYs old at 33.50

$Carnival a few weeks old at 19.00

$Party Cty Holdco given to Twitter only today , entry point seven dollars and forty four cents , it might be a few cente less

I will be checking my indicators first thing tomorrow morning, I use the following stocks to help me gauge pre-market activity

$Riot Blockchain
$Delta Air
Delta Air-0
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All Comments(16)

Tif***com02/24/2021 02:19
should I buy Ethrem now or will it dip again?

Matt02/24/2021 02:26

All the crypto’s seem to move together, I called the decline on Friday I thought we were going to go down to 49,000 instead of touched 45 triple bottom line, if you were going to buy I would do it now and you’re holding. Should be probably a month, pro


Buillishtrading02/24/2021 00:53
Im still holding and plan on buying more im down a bit and have been for a week


Anubis02/24/2021 00:22
I sold because I was scared of a crash. going back in tomorrow if nasdaq doesnt drop as much as it did today. I was in at 8.29 40 shares lost $24. Its not that I cant afford to lose it the reason was that I could pull out without losing more money and wait to see what happens Tomorrow


Ajo***com02/24/2021 00:14
Hey matt i have a legit question and no disrespect. But you talk about this having market Sentiment. Whats your criteria for measuring market sentiment for stocks and why do you think that info is rellevant to determine an outcome by a given date?

Matt02/24/2021 01:12

No disrespect, no worries, I make many posts I’ve answered the same question many times and I’ve answered it on Twitter and gave more data to back up my thought process I can’t answer the question over and over again, I’m sorry so you need to find Previous post or follow me and look at my tweets


Ncor02/24/2021 00:05
ThiS is amazing! Thank you @Matt


Edd***com02/24/2021 00:02
First off Matt, thanks for all your advice. I feel ive learned quite a bit from you and a couple of others. That said, I have an honest question. Being new, I keep reading in here that shorts manipulate the stock. If that’s the case, can it not work the other way around? If shorts can bring it down, can’t we also manipulate it and bring it up?

Matt02/24/2021 00:06

Sure, if you have $7 million we can put our plan into action and we could probably push the stock north of 20 tomorrow. If not what I can tell you is market sentiment around this stock besides for a few clowns, is very bullish, and I easily see double


tna***com02/23/2021 23:57
@Matt whats yr twitter

Matt02/23/2021 23:59

You got a look at the picture above, I think my Twitter handle is there search for it find my lovely picture and you’re more than welcome to follow


Hold my bear02/23/2021 23:50
I think this could Be a great stock to be in. Its pretty rare that you See a new stock at such a low price / market cap, or a penny stock, that actually has not just good Fundamentals but is also growing quIckly...

jac***com02/24/2021 01:37

google "simply wall st"

wired9erB02/24/2021 01:03

I too would like to know what app that is

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JoeSmo02/23/2021 22:47
enjoy your insight each day. thank you for posting consistently. a day like today ....much needed.


fen***com02/23/2021 22:38
I'm more of an "In Your Face, Old School Guy" who figures if you are here you know your stock, but obviously that is no longer a concern in this day and age! Getting old I guess! 💪💎🙌


fen***com02/23/2021 22:35
Perfect! Well done. I knew this, so you are spot on! We need you for great analysis!💪💎🙌🤑🤑🤑


Bec***com02/23/2021 22:18
Well said Matt, thanks again for the explanation.


Bottom_Feeder02/23/2021 22:09
I may put $Aprea Therapeutics Inc up against it for 30, 60, 90 comparison.

GPD***COM02/24/2021 00:08

Ha. I have money in both so I hope your both right.

Matt02/23/2021 22:30

Just @Matt me

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Nelsonwe02/23/2021 21:59
yeah i mean if you wait long enough just about anything will eventually bounce. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Rommyadel02/24/2021 01:47

you must be new here lol

Matt02/23/2021 22:03

Furthermore you are blocked I actually respond to my followers and people that ask genuine questions, and I have now wasted about 3 1/2 minutes on you another 10 seconds to block you bye-bye

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Bad Mutha Fuka02/23/2021 21:56
So its good i bought more at 7.22

Bad Mutha Fuka02/23/2021 23:34

I always make money on UVXY. Its easy

Matt02/23/2021 21:57

Bro you seem to time everything perfectly, I’m sure you made money on the UVYX, even though it always goes down


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