01/11/2021 09:50

$Property Solutions Acquisition Corp. this is just proof how the SPAC investing craze is going to go in the future. There's no way anyone is doing any actual research on any of these. Did people make money today? Yep. Are a majority of people who threw in today walking away with money a year from now? No way. The next time you go wild about XYZ SPAC just remember this.
Property Solutions Acquisition Corp.-0
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dav***com01/11/2021 16:58
New ceo


mayhew๐ŸฆŠ01/11/2021 15:35
eventuality there will be a consolidation of all of these little ev companies. one will eat the other. a few shares in a failing one could possibly turn in to shares of a successful one. happens all the time. I'll grab a few of this, a few of that, wait for the tigers to eat the sheep. but, you do you. it's your money


TG01/11/2021 13:47
Did you read past the negative news or are you one track minded? Two sides to every story. People tend to hang on the negatives. The founder also was removed from leadership and a new CEO was appointed to move them past the recent failures. One thing that keeps this company as relevant is their patents. Take a look at those and come back with some well rounded DD


Netrunner01/11/2021 10:32
absolutely. 99% of these EV spacs will fail. With 1 or 2 actually making it. That's just reality, and most people here have confirmation bias, and form echo chambers. I saw it with Nikola, and there's something about humans who know they've been scammed, but refuse to accept being wrong. Deep down, people just want to believe they've made the right decision.
That's not to say Faraday is a scam, it maybe another Nio or Tesla, we don't know and I think that's what investing is all about. We can't win all the time.


MFoe01/11/2021 10:01
Yup, but if you let that stuff scare you everytime youre screwed. Do you like Tesla? Know how much failure Elon Musk has had? Chamath Palihapitiya? Richard Branson? I think you get my point.


Boe Jiden01/11/2021 09:57
I actually did a lot research on this company and founder. ๐Ÿ˜‚


G0D_ENDS_HERE01/11/2021 09:53
failure leads to success. not everyone gets a 2nd chance and they know their mistake and hopefully they don't repeat it

Capital Investments01/11/2021 11:22

It wasnt failure though it was basically fraud


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