01/05/2021 19:10

$PERSHING SQUAR If you can, buy 200 shares. Sell a covered call option on 100 of those shares for 40 strike as far out as possible (on an up day). Most likely this will spike upon announcement and the call will be your exit strategy for half of your position. You'll bank the profit of 14 dollars per share plus the premium of the call you sold, and you'll still hold 100 shares to just let it sit for years and grow.

If however the stock price drops unexpectedly, your covered call premium will hedge loss to your investment.
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228****23701/05/2021 23:05
How do you sell a covered call?

Physics2701/05/2021 23:29

Hope that helps!

Physics2701/05/2021 23:29

As far as how to do a covered call on WeBull, it's pretty easy, but the best thing would be to look up a tutorial on you tube. It's not hard, but easier to understand with a video tutorial.

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num***com01/05/2021 20:14
end of March?


mil***com01/05/2021 19:32
Ah covered call credit spreads. In any iron condors atm?


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