09/08/2020 10:06

$TESLA we go through these corrections at least every 3 to 4 weeks lol. bulls drive the price up, smart bulls take profits the further up we go, newbies always buy the tippy tops of everything then sell for a loss while bears short everything down hoping to trigger stop loss domino effects. then after all hope seems lost, the market starts going back up again 😉👍 literally every time we dip, there's those people that say"this is it, we are crashing this time!" $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $Invesco QQQ Trust $Apple $Amazon.com $Alphabet $Shopify
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bootylord66609/08/2020 12:19
this hasn't happened since june 11th but this time we were very far from the MA so its to be expected that this correct for an over all top to bottom 10-20%

FOMO_DEMON🤬09/08/2020 12:24

very true. it was parabolic.lol


ben***com09/08/2020 11:33
Hmmmm mmmm 🤔! Could it be because Biden is leading in the polls? It's gonna get worse if Trump doesn't win and I know he will.

martini09/08/2020 14:53

Trump 2020🌟🌟🌟

vmo***com09/08/2020 12:31

Both candidates are owned by Wallstreet. It won't matter in the slightest which wins

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ClevelandTrader09/08/2020 10:21
He's gonna be saying this every couple days.... Same old alternative version of reality...

FOMO_DEMON🤬09/08/2020 10:22

I knew we would meet again soon.😂😂😂 how's your mom doing buddy?


Jam***com09/08/2020 10:11
Wtf? Every 3-4 weeks? Havent seen a drop like this in the past months

FOMO_DEMON🤬09/08/2020 10:13

it depends on how much the price moves away from the Moving averages. dips ALWAYS happen. it's a way to check supports ,load shares back up , etc. it's all a game👍


Fake_money209/08/2020 10:10
Not this kinda of corruption oh I meant correction!

FOMO_DEMON🤬09/08/2020 10:11



ima***com09/08/2020 10:08
wash sales all over tesla 😎 with no dividends this stonk sucks

FOMO_DEMON🤬09/08/2020 10:10

you just gotta know when to buy and when to take profit👍😉


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