09/10/2020 21:26

This is how I deal wIth high volatility during market time (My RH is only for spreads). I don’t need to look at the chart every single time, I’m just collecting premiums. Find your support and resistant level and start doing some spreads. For the newbies: “Learn how to walk before run” meaning practice before live action.

Soon here will be day-trading acccount starting from 1K to 50K, cash account dont have day-trade limit restrictions. This is what I promised to my followers, Its coming soon! (Using my money compounding formula) Stay tuned!

This is only for my followers, only. I will not tag any ticker symbol nor hashtags during this 1K chanllenge.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. The advice here given is not a financial advice. You are responsible for your own risk managment.

Happy trading yall!

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All Comments(6)

Vic09/11/2020 08:09
aapl call debt spread 10/30


Adam got options09/11/2020 02:06
Down 400% on tesla. Yikes

EdwinTrades🌱09/11/2020 02:14

Do you know how credit spread works? 😂


zorro202009/10/2020 23:11
it is no big science on doing this. specially with how the market is moving now days, and the catalyst on the companies you chose, it is not that hard to predict the algorithm.

zorro202009/10/2020 23:34

I agree 100%

EdwinTrades🌱09/10/2020 23:25

Trading is easy I’m teling you straight up. Making 40% profit back with on trade even 12 years old can do it. 90% of trading is all about psychology.


delusionsofgrandeur09/10/2020 21:58
spreads are a great way to ensure u make money...capped gains costs a lil more sometimes..but the risk lvl is greatly diminished..people are basically paying you to borrow your money both ways

delusionsofgrandeur09/10/2020 22:16

your a prodigy

EdwinTrades🌱09/10/2020 22:11

Yea sir! Less reward but comes with high profitability. Great way to deal with high IV market and its delta-free. Once they defined its support level then is safe to collect premiums👍🏼


Gson09/10/2020 21:29

EdwinTrades🌱09/10/2020 21:31



Sara Jean-Baptiste09/10/2020 21:27
I need to lesrn this

zorro202009/10/2020 23:13

it is really really easy to learn this, credit spreads, debit spreads, butterfly spreads, iron condor, I can guarantee you, you can learn all of this in less than one hour.

EdwinTrades🌱09/10/2020 22:14

@projectoption on youtube

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