09/11/2020 17:36

$Apple Whole tech sector sucks... I'm heavily invested in tech as it's not going away. I've put more than 75% of my stock portfolio into tech as I am aggressive with investments. However, even I am more than disappointed with the last week plus... knowing I am breaking investment rules by lack of diversity ( I do have other investments including real estate) I still feel vindicated with my portfolio as it has grown more than any other investments... even with this correction. I do feel like this was all started as a manipulation from hedge funds.. as the Nasdaq had reached a new high.... they may have been told to keep things more even keel... who the hell knows! Anyway, it appears that regular homegrown investors have gotten weak due to this dive in stocks and are keeping it going...
Can you all just stop selling 😉
I've held tight ( with nerves a tad frayed) but I know it will recover and as much as I have lost, I'm not willing to try and time the next up or down... admittedly this isn't an investor play... but one of long term.
What are you all thinking about the tech market lately?
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316***com09/18/2020 13:23
me too:(


zac***com09/15/2020 12:46
been holding tight since 170, no plans to sell anytime soon


Jurabian09/14/2020 01:06
Stay patient. Tech has a ways to go higher.


edc***com09/11/2020 20:23
Long as u have a tight stop loss then betting big iam kool with ,but that dam stop loss is a must !!!✍✍


FOMO_DEMON🤬09/11/2020 17:50
stay patient

Pip09/11/2020 17:56

thanks Fomo 😊


jco***com09/11/2020 17:47
That’s why stop-losses and risk management are so important. Also, 75% of your portfolio is a bit alarming. I like the courage, but it’s still pretty risky. I’m in tech, too, so here’s hoping 🤞

Pip09/11/2020 17:56

I'm fine with my choices, I believe in the stock... disappointed yes... but not selling. I did have stop losses in some positions.


Options G.O.D09/11/2020 17:47
Congrats youre invested in a giant overvalued bubblE

Pip09/11/2020 21:32


chr***com09/11/2020 18:56

Lol. It's not overvalued when you get the stocks cheap.

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