09/13/2020 02:52

$Apple yes, yes it's true.🔥 the powers that be do want our markets to crash.😩 think about it. there's big money in crashing the american economy🤫. you crash the stock market, our way of life is basically gone as we know it.😣 there is huge money trying to destroy this country.🤬🔥 I used to be one of those people that thought it was going to crash. then I saw something crazy happen, millenials, gen x,y,y, jumped and started buying as soon as the crash came in March. one thing the powers that be did not expect is all of us jumping and buying the dip, nobody is scared now except the big money bears that are trying to crash the market by any means possible still. they are desperate, and trying to make everyone fearful again and not succeeding. 🖕🤣🖕they are desperate because smart people are fighting back. the war isn't over, and if your smart, your buying dips on successful companies. just enjoy the ride and keep making money. good luck to everyone and don't give up. we are in a marathon, not a sprint. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🔥🔥🔥$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $Invesco QQQ Trust $Amazon.com $Alphabet $TESLA $Shopify $Nvidia $Bitcoin/US Dollar $TELADOC HEALTH $DOCUSIGN $Netflix $Trade Desk $Square $ARK Innovation ETF
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All Comments(26)

j.r***com09/15/2020 20:06
Well said 👍🏻


Immune09/15/2020 18:56
Yep historically there's only one way for these among 1000's of other corps to go and that way is up 😉
If ppl looking mostly at the 1 min chart, looked a bit farther out they'd see the massive upward trends 😎

It's like the story of the Grinch they all lived on the surface of a snowflake and unknowingly a bigger universe 👍👍👍


Gecko09/15/2020 15:45
you're not your


Tre***com09/14/2020 23:39
Would the libs be trying to short the market coming up to election? Would this favor Biden aka Hillary? Of course the reps would want it to peak in mid plus October which may help agent orange? Or . . . is the market agnostic to all this? I AM!

bay area vibes09/15/2020 19:46

How long have you been that dumb?

FOMO_DEMON🤬09/15/2020 00:13

yes,most libs are bears. lol obviously. the radical left is trying to destroy our freedom, of course it would try to short or destroy the stock market. why wouldn't they? they know that Trump loves the stock market. that's what he uses as a measure of his success right or wrong


J33PS4ME09/14/2020 09:47
No offense, but big money doubled their big money since March and now are big money squared.

Also, most regular people don’t care about the stock market because they don’t understand it, don’t have retirement funds and don’t have stocks, so 🤷🏼‍♀️ I think you’re a bit off here.

Ahcirer09/16/2020 08:08

Ummm you’re actually Extremely wrong with that statement.. take 5 Minutes and look into it .

Timchuk09/14/2020 11:56

sorry bud, most adults have some sort of retirement


Marc Richard09/14/2020 09:37
so much time wasted writting This...wow!


Dha***com09/14/2020 08:30
Lmao, millennial and gen z did not prop up the market. People came back because the government propped up the market. Rich people lose more than salaried people who have most of their money in education and real estate. It isn't a grand conspiracy and retail traders aren't the largest price drivers. When they do, you have a bubble. Prices go down to what people are willing to buy. If you don't understand the basics of the market, invest in big indexes.


Escape Velocity09/14/2020 01:49
Actually, its China and Russia. But, yea, the rich wont care as long as they ca$h in on it. You see, the rich have but one allegiance-money

Dha***com09/14/2020 08:25

I mean rich people trying to cash in is what causes markets to drop. More selling than buying on large amounts.

FOMO_DEMON🤬09/14/2020 01:49



Lvnlarge09/13/2020 16:25
Yasss brother✌🏼


Tradestar09/13/2020 09:11
Big Banks, Rockafellers, Rothschild etc.. Funded Marxism thhe communist, socialist and have been pushing for control and their agenda. Thats who’s trying to scare and control the world.

☣Yoga for Kleptocracy☣09/14/2020 05:39


Escape Velocity09/14/2020 01:50

Learn to pay more for work if you dont like communisn derpy doo

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Chicken09/13/2020 05:09
There is no war, except within oneself. If you play both side and follow the market trend you can win in any market. No reason to be stuck as a perma bull or bear, become a chimera instead.

bay area vibes09/15/2020 19:51

The problem is, most of y’all aren’t as good as you think. Trying to play both sides further complicates something that is already complex. The power of focus would serve most a lot better

Escape Velocity09/14/2020 01:51

Im sure jeaus wont be mad about your deal with the devil

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Richard Bagby09/13/2020 05:08
crashing stocks, as long as companies remain financially sound at the fundamental level, might cause most newbies to sell out, but it wouldn't really kill the economy. The stock market is not the economy.

jos***com09/13/2020 14:40

100%. Lots of small businesses out there. Maybe $SQ $V or $Pypl are all they care about so their payments get processed.

Tradestar09/13/2020 09:04

Boom💥 This guy ☝🏼”The stock market is not the economy “ But i do see some of the point hes trying make , but he does go down a rabbit hole a little too far.


elder elms09/13/2020 04:58
try reading what you wrote before getting the first sentence in and realizing the wall of text made your eyes break.

FOMO_DEMON🤬09/13/2020 05:19

lol I always read what I write🖕


fLUFF09/13/2020 04:55
100000000000% true i know some friends in the financial industry talking about this, this is VERY real

Dha***com09/14/2020 08:34

Wow you straight lyin? In penny stocks yeah, that's the plot of the Wolf on Walstreet. Apple takes Bezos level of income to manipulate. People buying Genius are getting screwed. This is fairly normal pullback given the fast rise.

Escape Velocity09/14/2020 01:53

Im sure the rich are not a racket 🤥

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@REALdonaldtrump🇺🇸MAGA202009/13/2020 04:25


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