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11/11/2020 19:55

$GameStop Just found the first share i ever bought..
It was a gamestop share back in 2009 as a Christmas present from my Dad. I thought it was lost forever..
I had to cover up some of it with a piece of paper since it has my address and full name. Just thought it was cool I still had this and wanted to show you Guys..Do you guys remember the first stock you ever bought? If so what was it?... I don’t know if I would’ve gotten into stocks if my dad didn’t do that. If you ever want to get your kids into stocks at a young age you could pick a company they love(I loved videogames&gamestop) and buy them a framed share as a gift. The earlier they start learning about stocks/companies the better:) I remember my dad teaching me about how dividends worked after getting a letter addressed to me from GameStop with a check for dividends(as a teenager I thought it was so cool they addressed the letter to me lol)

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Sparky_Trades11/12/2020 15:21
Thats so awesome didnt even realize you can get certifcates for shares still🔥


Temell Arkliss11/12/2020 04:58
How much did you make from that trade

Day trades inc11/12/2020 05:03

Its mainly sentimental but its worth one share of gamestop

Day trades inc11/12/2020 05:02

nothing. technically the frame costs 40$ so im in a loss


💰PennybagsJr@gmail💰11/12/2020 02:41
awesome post 👍✊


Milkmoney11/11/2020 23:41
Funny it's worth the same as before haha

Day trades inc11/12/2020 02:52

Haha yeah


wmpk1762 11/11/2020 23:09
mine was neoprobe


Rebel Scum11/11/2020 22:50


✴✴a✴✴11/11/2020 22:38
$Euroseas 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


Justin Lopez11/11/2020 20:43
There was once a time when... and now kids today are like just Use your Smartphone, its so much easier 🤦‍♂️


GhostTradez11/11/2020 20:41
He should of bought u ama xd

Day trades inc11/11/2020 20:46

Yeah but he had to pick a company i was excited about so that i would get into stocks. if he picked amazon I wouldnt have been interested enough. I loved games&gamestop so it was the perfect choice

GhostTradez11/11/2020 20:41



LordRellik11/11/2020 20:40
also my first stock. i went all in last September at 4.40 and sold the next day at 6.50. then bought back many times at 4.00


Day trades inc11/11/2020 20:24
For those saying its worthless..its legally 1 share of gamestop. If i wanted to transfer it to my webull account i could.

maj***com11/12/2020 04:43

True there!

Day trades inc11/12/2020 02:55

Exactly. atleast you understood:)

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10percent11/11/2020 20:19
more like 1 of the first shares you ever owned.😅

Day trades inc11/11/2020 20:20

Im 100% sure its the first share i owned


Tr8der11/11/2020 20:08
Peloton was my first ever stock 😂


Cheek&Ledsome11/11/2020 20:08
Definetly worthless today

Cheek&Ledsome11/11/2020 20:26

Your dad sounds like an awesome dad. I wouldnt be an investor today if it wasnt my dad. Not a chance. Not an investor in the atock market that is

Day trades inc11/11/2020 20:22

Its not worthless its worth 1 share of gamestop

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Day trades inc11/11/2020 20:06
The company that frames the shares is called Oneshare incase anyone was wondering


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