11/14/2020 00:16

$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust @YZY Based off my Elliott wave technical analysis, I believe we are going to experience a red week next week that will take us down as low as the 340s. We were in an uptrend that took us up to the highs on 11/9. Since then we have been in a correction, which is a zigzag as evidenced by the fact that the A wave if correction can be further divided in to 12345 subwaves. The 12345 subwaves all constitute wave A of the corrective zigzag. We have nearly completed wave B of the zigzag and may have completed it at the end of today. Next will be another 12345 wave pattern down to make wave C. This is likely to take us down to the 340s. Of course if we hear massively bullish news, the zigzag may be altered, but we are much more likely to experience continuing bad news about lockdowns and other global headwinds due to this, so I think the pattern will complete.

If you guys want further suggested readings about Elliott wave technical analysis, this website is a great resource and has multiple pages with many lessons on EW. Have a nice weekend everyone. 😌
$Invesco QQQ Trust $TESLA $Apple
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J3suslovesu11/16/2020 12:45


YZY11/14/2020 03:48
Btw keep in mind september 2 was a 3 and all way till 11/2 was 4 so or either we are in a 1 from 5 on our way to a 2 from 5 .. or 5 from late March was completed and we are in a 1 from A from late march cycle ...

I see 2 cycles the one from march wich goes 1 ABC XABCDE(2) 3- Flat 4 - 5 at 80s possible 90s

Then the one at june Wich is 1-2-3-Overlapping and flat 4-5 at 80s 90s probably


YZY11/14/2020 02:30
You amaze me how fast you figured it out Im surprised to be honest you are on point
Elliot waves such a forbidden practice nobody wants to believe Or trust them but they tell you where you are located in the market...
Volume increments in A ...
A guy said means nothing he probably didn’t see that KDJ bout to cross over and 4hr bollinger band reached top
Thinking on elliot waves like a stairway to heaven well established till you realize is too well established to be truth and then you realize the next step is broken and you fall of the stair ... you don’t slide all way down .. you bounce each time you hit the stair till hit bottom ... then you stand up ... and find another stair...

This cycle started in 15 min time frame ... i forecast this cycle last till next weex for a total of 3weeks (intermediate =weeks or months) 366 is a 5 indeed since 5 characteristic is were the crowd is more enthusiast (usually I like to see webull comments to se how people feel and think thats a important aspect) 3 states that is the wave with smallest or weakest corrections hope this helps 🥂

You really look so pasionate as i am and i will tell you something someone that i respect told me once

”Timing market cycle is the most challenging thing in this ”industry” a lot of people will tell you don’t do it
In honestly think is the single most important thing for any trader try to master imo...
You got to look back truh to hystory of all man kind to even get a grip Isaac Newton couldn’t even accomplish “timing the market cycle”
That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try “

They require attention to all signals and overall they require being curious... thinking on the possibilities and out of the box

My best indicator for sentiment and crowd psychology are the WeBull comments itself

YZY11/14/2020 03:49

🥂 We will brotha

Bird11/14/2020 02:42

Lovin the stairway to heaven analogy. You will crack the code if you will it ✌️


Sparky_Trades11/14/2020 01:44
Better take a look at how the daily looks

YZY11/14/2020 02:37

😂 hahahah i can see the future and they will say you are cringy for using eye emojis or posting blindfold pictures thats what they did to me lol

Bird11/14/2020 02:26

One day you will see 👁


Sparky_Trades11/14/2020 01:44
Deftinely not

YZY11/14/2020 01:54

KDJ bout to cross over and EWO not even a single higher high ... You have to look better at momentum cause it losed upside strength bro ...


Matt Widenhouse11/14/2020 01:39
this is a 30 min scale this means nothing about next week.

YZY11/14/2020 02:08

Cycle started in 15min time frame and i forecasted 3 weeks cycle thats a Intermediate(weeks -months) KDJ crossover and EWO not a single higher high good luck lol


Profit11/14/2020 00:24
What website? I don’t see the link

Bird11/14/2020 00:29

I posted it as a comment below


SKoStocks11/14/2020 00:23
could 366 been (3) on a different time scale?

YZY11/14/2020 02:06

This cycle started in 15 min time frame ... i forecast this cycle last till next weex for a total of 3weeks (intermediate =weeks or months) 366 is a 5 indeed since 5 characteristic is were the crowd is more enthusiast (usually I like to see webull comments to se how people feel and think thats a important aspect) 3 states that is the wave with smallest or weakest corrections hope this helps 🥂

Bird11/14/2020 00:32

I see your poiint but 366 Looks like 5 to me. Yzy, any thoughts?


Sal***com11/14/2020 00:21
Thats a 30 minute analysis

YZY11/14/2020 01:57

Started in 15 min .... if you know something bout elliot waves you should know the cycle categories theres cycles that are made in minutes and the most larger in Decades even centuries ... multime time frame analysis is key fundamentals will turn out negative and the crowd will pray ...


Bird11/14/2020 00:21
Sorry forgot to post the website:


YZY11/14/2020 02:35

Only people that has a sane curiosity will see that Bird remember people often dislikes what they don’t understand so you will see more comments from people saying you are wrong etc ... EW theory psychology states Bears are ridiculed just at the top ...

FearAndTrembling11/14/2020 01:43

thanks for offering the insight!

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