11/20/2020 16:46

$SPDR® S&P Retail ETF This is my favorite place for puts. Check out these charts. Bearish divergence on the rsi on daily chart. KDJ lookin like it will crossover. No volume at support today. Check out the companies in this chart too. All these companies unlikely to do well in pandemic mode. Im going to buy more of the 57 puts at vwap here today. If the spy falls next week, i expect this to fall even harder but lets see ✌️
$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $GameStop $Gap Inc $Invesco QQQ Trust $Apple $NIO Inc. $TESLA $Genius Brands $Ideanomics Inc
Invesco QQQ Trust-3
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All Comments(5)

mrd***com11/20/2020 17:45
come on teacher?


sal***com11/20/2020 17:33
Yesterday worse volume day in Almost two years and retail hedging positiins Today its big sales as institutional rebalancing and no retail sales as a retraction of the economy sits on the horizon Whst could go wrong

Bird11/20/2020 18:15



Craig11/20/2020 17:24
You are doing great giving money away lol

Bird11/20/2020 19:01

I guess you’ve never had a draw down before in your position before. Why people post like you is beyond me. At least im transparent 😌


mrd***com11/20/2020 16:58
how do u read rsi. ma. and the others?


mrd***com11/20/2020 16:55
how do u read ma, rsi? and the rest of them?

Bird11/20/2020 18:36

Recommend you do some self study online on these. They are elementary momentum and trend indicators and this is not easy to explain in a short text response since i could talk for hours about them


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