11/20/2020 19:14

$Invesco DB US Dollar Bullish keep an eye on the u.s dollar , this is a big compass to see which way the market is headed. if it breaks under 24.90 , look for bitcoin to go parabolic most likely. also stocks would most likely be headed higher, unless big money dumps!!! if we go back over 25 and hold, look for btc to correct and stocks to drop. rn it's tricky because the dollar is in a range of 24.89-25.00. another tricky part here is the market is divided, just like our country😉 stay at home stocks vs reopening stocks, then the middle which is hybrid.$TESLA =hybrid. I'm watching online shopping stocks and online advertisement stocks for end and of year. $Alphabet $Amazon.com $Shopify $Etsy $Trade Desk $Snap . etc. also, mnuchin scoochin boochy wants the fed to not intervene in markets, but, the fed wants to keep the tools, so another division. also, a big thing to watch Nov. and dec. is what happens with trumps legal actions towards voter fraud, AND the fight for the senate rests in georgia's hands. i believe the market wants republican control of senate, so we will see what happens. either way, we have a sh** ton going on, so be careful out there , always take easy profits and reinvesting profits into dips of other companies. this is the final stretch for 2020 everyone, keep making this money🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 sorry for long post lol $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $Invesco QQQ Trust $Square $PayPal $RingCentral $ZOOM VIDEO $Apple $Chipotle $Fiverr $Solaredge Tech $Bitcoin
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reg***com11/23/2020 02:54
Where do I find the value of the US dollar. I know about rate of exchanges but where would I look to see if the dollar breaks 24.90. Forgive my ignorance. I'm a student.

FOMO_DEMON🤬11/23/2020 17:24

dxy follows dollar too

FOMO_DEMON🤬11/23/2020 17:24

oh yeah, well I follow (uup) it's a bullish dollar fund. there's bearish ones too but I'm more comfortable with uup

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6thCents11/22/2020 16:25


Perfectly11/20/2020 20:00
I'd rather have these long posts from you. They're very insightful for a new investor like me

FOMO_DEMON🤬11/23/2020 17:28

yes. also . stocks that ost around 50 bucks, take profits on them when you gain 5-10 dollars per share or more. yes , you got it. but remember, don't sell all !!! just start trimming. for example , if you had 10 shares that are up 50-60 bucks /share, sell 1 or 2 shares, maybe even 3. if it keeps going up and you get a 75-80 gain, sell another 2 shares. and so on. then later on when a dip or crash happens, buy back on the way down then repeat

Perfectly11/23/2020 05:44

I'll test out that profit rule in the coming weeks. Thanks for this! So when you say "25-30+ dollar gains" you mean a 25-30 dollar increase in the stock price? Just making sure

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Bird11/20/2020 19:17


Bird11/20/2020 19:16
Im torn about which way it will go. Monetary policy and the fed makes me think this will break down. However check out the divergence on the monthly

FOMO_DEMON🤬11/20/2020 19:19



Truthseeker81211/20/2020 19:16


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