01/05/2021 09:21

$QuantumScape Corp all these shorts talking all this crap are probably the same ones who got screwed by Tesla. Talking about how this is another Nikola... Nikola was shady from the start and I called it out from the beginning when they started taking pre-orders without even having an actual working prototype. QS is backed by Volkswagen and Bill Gates and the technology has been in development for almost a decade now by Stanford scientists. Hardly the same. But you do you. I'm in at $49 for 2200 shares and will hold and keep averaging down and hold until this makes me a QS-aire like Tesla has been making tesla-aires... and just know that just as quickly as this has gone down...when it jumps back up the squeeze will be just as fast and painful so it works both ways.
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All Comments(5)

ihurtfeelings01/05/2021 12:28
soooo. you're quiet. how's that 2k shares at 49 doing so far?

281****18301/05/2021 15:03

looks like my 2k shares printing money! how's shorting it?

281****18301/05/2021 15:00

who's crying? you? needing to cover? lmao clpwn


ihurtfeelings01/05/2021 12:08
you crying yet 😂😂😂

281****18301/05/2021 15:11

you crying yet? 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


Cod***com01/05/2021 11:53
Were comparing it to nkla cause theyre are a lot of similarities. making claims that the battery charges in 15 min and how its the future. but reality is they dont have a working product that is scaled to a car batTery yet. they made a Hype youtube to trick investores (aka the class Action lawsuit) to make them believe they are currently producing product. in reality they Are building kY a pilOt facility to check the feasabIty of scaling. like it or not they are following nkla footstep at generating investor excitement but wont make any revenue to 2025. and thats a big if because they have a lot of hurdles to male it even worK. many compeitors that are bigger can easily pass them by then


cybertrade12301/05/2021 10:00
I tend to agree this presents an appealing oppo to buy a very promising company although will probably wait for confirmation of reversal


ihurtfeelings01/05/2021 09:29
😂😂😂give u 2 days. you'll cry when it hits 8 dolla

281****18301/05/2021 09:30

keep shorting this and you'll lose your house and you'll be crying. we will see who's crying when you get squeezed


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