02/19/2021 18:14

$Churchill Capital Corp IV Just being real here. After the DA is announced this will go another 10-20$ from current price, prolly even parabolic ... but I see this consolidating at this price range after the DA surge (maybe 45ish at worst) while we wait another 3-4 months for actual merger. In my opinion this is actually a relatively safe entry if ur in this for the LONG HAUL ... I mean for crying out loud $QuantumScape Corp had maintain the 45$ price range and now is even up after the price surge. Which stock has an immediate product right now and not to mention a BIGGER HYPE ? Freakin LUCID baby !!!
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All Comments(6)

FadedPolo02/19/2021 19:00
Also you might want to look at the activity around mergers if you think itโ€™s not going to dip after merger youโ€™re delusional

RoyalOak02/19/2021 20:49

lol never said said it was not gonna dip. I played a lot of the mergers as well, clown. learn how to READ. There will be a runup leading to the merger, a dip and possibly another runup again based on sentiments. The product ur holding is not producing till 2024 NOOB !!! u seriously think investor gonna stick with this products if they continue to burn cash ?!!! I had QS since it went down to 13$ went it was still KCAC. but i am not Delusional as you, prolly bought it at $100 thats why ๐Ÿคก


FadedPolo02/19/2021 19:00
Doesnt matter Qs is a world game changer lucid is only in the EV market QS is every market gane changer stop being a noob

RoyalOak02/19/2021 20:44

Game changer ? LMAO, NIO is gonna start developing SSD later this year. And you said they are a gamechanger ? LMAO ... also Lucid started as battery maker, and their battery is used in Formula E, u seriously dnt think they will make one. Ur delusional


IslandBuyer02/19/2021 18:57
I Had Turkey lunch Meat and slapped butter ๐Ÿงˆ in pan and made a bbg grilled Cheese sandwich ๐Ÿฅช! Immediate satisfaction in case anyone cares. Either way I ate it all so cant have any. Additionally the Big Kahuna Cheessteak with Jalapenos mushrooms and prov at Jersey Mikes is a winner all day!!!


RoyalOak02/19/2021 18:31
Clown ๐Ÿ˜‚


FlubKitKato02/19/2021 18:19
thanks for your input, you must be bert knowledgable or lonely, 1 or the other

RoyalOak02/19/2021 18:30

@FlubKitKato says the Mentally ill leaving under his mommyโ€™s basement and sucking her tita for milk


ZB02/19/2021 18:16
No one cares

RoyalOak02/19/2021 18:19

apparently you do ... ๐Ÿ˜‚


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