02/23/2021 16:18

Wow just wow. New investors (and those who been around some time) witness the market recovery. Witness the Era of investing we're in! Even though most of the market hasn't fully recovered yet, but this kind of drop used to take days or weeks to recover. Now it's happening within hours! Today is a day given to us to buy more, average down, gain position, build your portfolio or whatever you desire with these discounts. What a time to be in my fellow investors 👌↗️〽️💎

$ConforMIS $Nokia $Castor Maritime Inc $Seanergy $TESLA $Apple $Churchill Capital Corp IV $Titan Pharma $Resonant $GLOBALSTAR
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joe***com02/24/2021 00:43
double up!


oli***com02/23/2021 19:07
True that! I jumped on 85 of CTRM and 25 more GLBS ! LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!


Mevor Trilton02/23/2021 16:40
so true! My portfolio will thank me for holding and averaging down here. Preach it bro!


Neto02/23/2021 16:34
Yup. I bought ao many stocks at this blood red day or couple of weeks if you want to be technical, that people will look back and regret not getting in this low. Even if it drops a bit more, I’m sure soon everything will rise back to reality.


956****10902/23/2021 16:23
preach brother 💎🖖


petitetrader02/23/2021 16:19
Except if you have calls...you get wrecked.

Mr.M02/23/2021 18:06

no joke.. theta don't ▶️

nice Frazier02/23/2021 16:31

uhh no. option trading isn't normal trading

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mfi***com02/23/2021 16:19
my biggest regret is watching their IPO be released and not investing initially.


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