01/10/2021 15:01

Just want to start with I’m 💯 #bullish 💹 & believe we will go to #100k in 2021 but if we don’t be ready. (I know people who have no idea 💡 about 2008 or 2012 or 2017 just buying stocks b/c of FOMO will be angry 🤬)

Others will look 👀 at this and reflect and decide for them selves.🤔

No one ever sees the crash coming 📉 not #WallStreet not the #bears 🐻. Except maybe the housing that was pretty well known due to the bad triple AAA mortgage 🏡 they gave out like candy 🍭.

So even #crypto follows the #standarddeviation and the #bellcurve 🔔 it’s common #statistics even some of the #elliotwave patterns like stocks.

In previous #bull cycles, #Bitcoin tended to go down anywhere from 20-40% in the first year. From the 42k-50k that would put us back down to 16k-20k at current #correction.

Let’s say the #dip I talk about above was escalated in March due to pandemic and we blow right past this and stay bullish It means where in second year of the correction we’ll go to over #150k.

If bitcoin can rise to the level of $ 150,000 the correction will be around 80% which gets us down to 30k or a bit lower to 22k.

Then that will be the new low and the cycle will reset itself and this will over the new All time high which could be 250k-300k by 2024.

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All Comments(8)

201****42801/11/2021 15:54
So what we do hold or sell

MakingMoneyWork01/11/2021 16:00

Depends how much you have loss and what you jave invested if you can afford it hold then buy more but wait now that we are under 32,400 we will go down to 29k if it breaks that will be 24,500


ITRADECHARTS01/11/2021 07:15
Very nice


nick01/10/2021 20:47
u talking about xlm going to $100k or bitcoin?

MakingMoneyWork01/10/2021 20:49



jto***com01/10/2021 18:10
157 was my top prediction but I'm starting to think 220 to 310 w what I'm reading seeing... And I'm like WOW just WOW🔮🎱🤯🤯🤯💥

MakingMoneyWork01/10/2021 20:52

Yeah a for a while i didnt think it was possible but after this climb to 41k def can break this and go higher after the correction


LUDASHIMANE01/10/2021 15:26
lol bro you might be a little off. I can appreciate your attempt at some legit analysis but you're looking years out. and you are not taking into account a number of things. like for example what about the fact that the recent "crash" was caused by fear, instead of some sort of shortage or lack of something or like the housing market collapse when they were just handing out shit and making a complete mess of things. this was caused by fear in the midst of an otherwise thriving economy for the most part. either way, a solid correction was priced in back in March and a lot of uncertainty has been priced in since. the market does not just randomly collapse. it prices factors and variables in daily. the collapse actually acted as a catalyst for a huge influx of new money into the market, as well as the tesla and apple splits. lowering the barrier for entry caused a ton of younger people to start investing money into the market and got a lot of people interested and thinking about stocks. this may have been enough "new" buying power to facilitate the recovery we have already witnessed. we are now pushing towards 4k on the s&p and we will most likely get there before long. even if there is a nice correction, which I believe there will be, people will be ready and waiting with cash in hand to buy. hopefully the government doesn't ruin the financial system by printing money every other week and handing out tons of stimulus but we can only wait and see.

MakingMoneyWork01/10/2021 15:47

Also we didnt we didnt even doscuss the DYX dollar index which is at .90 cents lol 😂

MakingMoneyWork01/10/2021 15:43

I agree with you it was fear but also a global pandemic which millions of people have died so yeah it caused fear. the economy at least in the US is not doing well at all only the millions of busineses have shut down for good but the stock market boomin!

i also agree wtih you that March could of been that correction of is so we are in year 2 of the 4 year cycle and will hit 100k this year. There are also more factors that we have not accounted for like how more money can we print.


Pbull01/10/2021 15:20
if you are taking about bitcoin stop trading alt coins you weirdo

MakingMoneyWork01/10/2021 15:24

Oh i didnt know that rule so if i own tesla and im allowed to own NIO anymore ??? thank for your insight @pbull also question for you do you own any bitcoin ?


lil***com01/10/2021 15:08
100k?? as in dollars? come on bro..

SavageSteph01/10/2021 15:22

100k is an easy possiblity.

MakingMoneyWork01/10/2021 15:11

Yes we can easily go to 100k we webt up $21,000k in one month also if you look at the way companies are mining the supply and demand kicks in. Its bot really hard to belive that we wont go to $100k wheb we can do $21k in a month is its??

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Jelluh Feesh01/10/2021 15:06
100k? lol

top***com01/10/2021 15:15

100k is totally possible. what is much less possible is that btc gets there before correcting in a mean way. 30% or more. most dangerous thing is getting too confortable. good luck!

MakingMoneyWork01/10/2021 15:11

Im just copy and pasted for you. Yes we can easily go to 100k we webt up $21,000k in one month also if you look at the way companies are mining the supply and demand kicks in. Its bot really hard to belive that we wont go to $100k wheb we can do $21k in a month is its??

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