Jason Stocks

09/06/2020 05:36

$Rocket Companies DISCUSSION...Do you all think that this stock will drop even harder for the next few weeks or will it gain recovery? I see so many indications for another drop but so many long term investors are saying I should stay in. This is mind boggling and I've done a lot of research in the reasons for this crash, but none of them have indicated what would happen on the 8th or goijg forward. Any ideas? Obviously years from now it will recover but I cant afford to lose another thousand in the next week.
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OleCrazyEyes09/06/2020 18:40
Long term holders are optimistic about this stock because.. they are long term and can care less what happens in the next few weeks/months. Are you looking for a long or short hold?

Jason Stocks09/06/2020 21:31

well I can hold this for a few more months if it doesnt crash again


Dri***com09/06/2020 16:25
The major reason the long-term investors are telling you to hold is exactly BECAUSE we don't know when it'll jump back. It could be back to 28 next week, or hover at 23, or stay flat. All the little action chips away at our accounts, or slowly adds to it - but they happen all the time. The BIG jumps - up OR down - are what we can't predict. BUT, we did just have a big jump down, so it's unlikely we have another steep drop without new data. Its possible we'll have another jump up, and a new norm.
If you pull out now, knowing that this stock (longer term) will do well, that's fine - so long as you have another stock you are highly confidential will rise faster than Rocket, in that timeframe.

Money 💰09/06/2020 23:36

Well written


Ludwig09/06/2020 13:51
Major sell of before a holiday weekend. Expect the same before every holiday and before the election

469****65709/06/2020 17:46

how soon before the election is a safe bet to pull out?

MillionDollarDreams09/06/2020 14:46

I hope to have everything pulled before the election .. cant handle any more

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3function09/06/2020 12:51
That's THE question we are all trying to find out. I need solid profit over the next 6-8 mnths. What we know; no debt, very profitable, own the market(no moat though), Inc new biz & repeat, innovative, not over priced yet. All this seems to means nothing in this crazy market. Let us know where you land on this. G/L.


11**5809/06/2020 07:03
it's entirely too dependent on rates and housing data...I'll feel more comfortable when they start taking about other products that innovate not tied directly to things near peak and very likely a bubble close to popping


dan-bufalini09/06/2020 07:02
what indicators. nobody knows what's going to happen tomorrow. unless you're a market maker we are left to ponder. this stock is profitable NOW though. and guidance for next quarter is looking good. i think that's something that will lead it higher short term.

I feel completely the opposite in regards to this being a long term investment. this should be considered a short term swing trade. I bought on day 1, already sold all my shares the day they reported earnings. bought back at 28. got stopped out at 27.25. now I have Sept 18th 27 dollar calls that I bought yesterday throughout the day.

that being said... I think we'll regain some ground next week and sit around 28-33 for the next few weeks.


cashmerefire09/06/2020 05:48
We will see on tuesday but i think $40-50 is the real range this stock wants to be in just gonna be up and down until we get there. I doubt we drop much further


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