09/09/2020 03:21

$Rocket Companies To everyone who is down right now, instant gratification will not pay. The month I was born, Berkshire Hathaway dropped $1000, an approximate 14% loss. It is now well over $300,000 a share. Those who persevered and rode out the hard times, they are the ones who succeeded.
You can do the same here, or any other prospectively successful company. Look at how long $Rocket Companies has been around. 30+ years and thriving still, gaining more and more success each year.
Many of us have spent thousands of dollars investing in bettering our career path. A little at a time, over many years, and did nothing but gain. Just like we can all do here by holding.
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ben***com09/09/2020 05:40
yeah dont sell never sell with no profit

BeerMoney09/09/2020 06:54

Let me guess, you're banking on social security to exist when you retire. Let me know how that works out for you!


Robbie Rob09/09/2020 05:06




Band Camp


era***com09/09/2020 04:22
Maybe i can ask you this—why do people suggest selling and buying at a lower price ? In my head im thinking whats the difference if it goes down and comes back up? I can’t see the difference —- thanks

cod***com09/09/2020 05:22

no u cant...its the same...profit just looks better but ur the same no matter what...u can average down though

Eri***com09/09/2020 05:06

You sell if you think its going to continue to drop. if you have 1000 invested and sell 33 shares at 30. you can rebuy 35 shares for that same 1000 at a lower share cost. Now you have 5 more shares to maximize profits when the stock goes back up


BeerMoney09/09/2020 03:48
Furthermore, if you're going to offer comparative speculation, this is along the lines of consumer lending and banking.
Look at Discover, Capital One, American Express, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Regions, etc. Literally nothing but outstanding longterm gains.


bry***com09/09/2020 03:26
at least it didn't drop like Tesla

BeerMoney09/09/2020 03:43

This isn't Tesla though. I backed out of Tesla at $1742, and bought in at $328 back in November. I bought in because I truly believe in Tesla, but any fool could see that it wasnt worth quite that much in the companies current state. I will wait until it drops to $250 to buy in, if I dont wait for $200.


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