09/16/2020 20:57

$Rocket Companies This guy is pretty good with his calls. Hes telling his followers to do a ODP call option tomorrow starting 9:30-10:30am EST and ending Friday anytime before 3:30pm EST. This its more to get his audience some experience because he only says to buy one contract, so not sure what his confidence level truly is. Thought it was worth sharing though. I suggest following him if your a noob, he breaks everything down so anyone can understand it.
Rocket Companies-0
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All Comments(8)

fatboyflako09/17/2020 00:15
he's a beast I drafted him in the first round Derrick Henry is a beast now he's doing stocks sheesh he's making real money

OccasionallyReliable09/17/2020 16:40

Def doesnt look like DH hes one of my fav players lolol

fatboyflako09/17/2020 00:50

lol nah no drugs sorry waste of time and money he looks like DH lol

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BearTrappin09/16/2020 23:44
this isn't terrible advice but he is banking 100% on this being green tomorrow and Friday.

its a great way to learn how options work but yall meed to understand there is no such thing as free money and there is ALWAYS risk involved ESPECIALLY with close (in this case extremely close) to expiry.

you are essentially buying a lottery ticket that you think has a 50/50 chance of being profitable, whether it be a dollar or a thousand dollars.

take that information and do what you will with it

OccasionallyReliable09/16/2020 23:56

👍 GL


Nat***com09/16/2020 21:47
yes he is good I just finished watching this video, learned alot from him.

OccasionallyReliable09/16/2020 22:01

🤝 god bless him


OccasionallyReliable09/16/2020 21:25
If you plan on doing it, and youre a noob, just buy one contract like he said. Most you can lose is $50. Watch the video to follow his instructions if youre thinking about it


OleCrazyEyes09/16/2020 21:14
buying options in a heavily manipulated stock.. what could go wrong? lol

OccasionallyReliable09/16/2020 21:21

Probably why he only told people to buy one. Most you can lose is $50. Hes been following this stock for awhile though so he might know what hes talking about. He was very specific about the timeframe of buying and selling your contracts


OccasionallyReliable09/16/2020 21:01
Sorry i cut off his Youtube name... search “Chris Sain” and youll find him

OccasionallyReliable09/16/2020 21:22

I would but i dont have any settled funds right now 😑

Kga***com09/16/2020 21:18

Hmm are you going to do it?


OccasionallyReliable09/16/2020 20:58


OccasionallyReliable09/16/2020 20:58
Think its more*


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