frank abaganale

11/13/2020 23:05

$Rocket Companies i see so many complainers here.......if this shit hit 70 today i can guarantee no one would even cash out.....then complain when it went to 40 again....then 20......shut up and take the L if you are scared. what i am failing to understand is just that.....why sit and pray to break even if yous are all saying this is going nowhere.....i mean if i saw a sinking ship id'a jumped out when i saw the first sign of water coming......as for this no its not going to move 10% a day.....this is a slow grower. there are other trades out there to make money on SHORT TERM. Stop putting 98% of your portfolio in and praying for it to hit 100 tomorrow. get the f%&ck out of here NOW.
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tom***com11/14/2020 04:14
of course we want 10% in 1 fucking day with great e/r when BA china stocks runs 200% in 1 week. GFTO with your righteousness.


Slip Shot11/13/2020 23:57
let's all just get along and give each other a hug and we all get some hot chocolate with marshmallows


zac***com11/13/2020 23:56
lmao . clown . if this shjt hit 25 today I ll cash out right away. hit 70. gimme a break. so 40b market cap will all of sudden become 140b market cap? moron

Ee11/16/2020 22:29

Dude u have no idea what youre talking about. probs trading with 100$ Stfu. When you can show a 300,000 account @me

frank abaganale 11/14/2020 01:08

lol, today im in EH with 3000 shares avg at 9.00 and out at 12 today. you dont have the capital to short. enjoy your night pal.

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BeJun8811/13/2020 23:41
exactly every single one is just crying and whining 😑😑

BeJun8811/14/2020 01:36

you too!

Slip Shot11/14/2020 01:17

Hopefully within the next few weeks to a month... just be strong and no worries/Have a great and safe weekend😊💪🏻🐂

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dwn***com11/13/2020 23:16
And yes we want 10% a day for at least one day show us something ITS A DUD TILL ITS NOT FOOL

frank abaganale 11/13/2020 23:32

lmfao ok. i just wanna see your account. you know i had a friend give up 2k shares of shopify at 60 because he never thought it would go higher


dwn***com11/13/2020 23:13
STFU you were one who was complaing last week you dont have a
Clue facebook was not in the private sectir for 35 yrs i dont think zuckerburg is even 30 yrs old stop being a cheerleader and a captain of a vessel sees a leak he attempts to repair it he doesnt jump off you are follower and not a leader thats evident

frank abaganale 11/13/2020 23:31

ok so hit that sell button man. idk what to tell you.


delusionsofgrandeur11/13/2020 23:11
lmao tell em


Mar***com11/13/2020 23:10
ahh such a relief to see someone else feel that way.


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