05/05/2020 21:08

$Qualigen Therapeutics Inc Here are some facts on why you should think about investing at this discounted price!!

1. Increase in cash by 4.3M reported ending March 31st, compared to December 31st.

2. $0.05 loss per share ending March 31st, compared to $0.58 December 31st.

3. Will be starting commercialization and monetization on RP-G28 Lactose Intolerance Drug after very promising results from the Phase 2b study.

4. FDA approval expected very shortly. They wouldn’t plan for monetizing unless they have high expectations for approval.

5. Qualigen merger going to be approved which add a huge partnership and bigger opportunities down the road.
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PushingBenjimins3305/05/2020 21:21
yes couldn't be told any better


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