05/27/2020 23:47

$Cassava Sciences Inc Just curious to hear ppl's perspectives on this stock whether bullish or bearish (please no attacks towards me...I do my own DD, but hearing other ppl's perspectives can help expand my own with critical analysis).​
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Timmy Dean05/28/2020 02:54
This stock was pumped off of news, nothing more then speculation. It's trading back where if historically has always traded. It will be there until they actually produce positive results.

BullsBronzeBalls05/28/2020 10:42



TexasCoach05/28/2020 02:17
I cant really say its bullish like this will take off at any monent to +$3 range. I do feel like this has bottomed out pending any other bad news. So i’d buy if you wanna hold and hope for a possible huge run but you could find other plays right now that have actual movement.


UnDeRTaKeR05/28/2020 00:57
bullish this crash was an overreaction in the market should start correcting soon they have something that seems promising but you can't never be sure with bio only time will tell im a bit bias being that I have family with alzheimer's and am hoping for a cure or at best better treatment


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I hope you survived this week, the correction could be over soon, we are ready to have a full and long ride, locked and loaded indeed !!!

$Triterras, Inc. we will fix this!!! (attached)✌😎 the more shorts we have for the undervalued picks the best, great to have the chance to get a good average. 👍

My long swings for the next few weeks are the same from last week including

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$Ebang International Holdings Inc.
I have few new ones but I'm recalling many from the old ones too

I will send an updates on those and few more, we like diversity.

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Have a great weekend everyone , congrats if you managed to average down or load more on the long term tickers we have!✌✌✌😎

only 3 tickers moved up, the rest went down from last weekend WL , we used this chance to load more and "play dead" , we will be happy soon!
$$Rewalk $$bluebird bio $$Tremont Mrtg Tr Stockdata.webull@gmail 02/27/2021 06:22