Doc Stock

09/15/2020 01:48

$Cassava Sciences Inc Public offering wouldn't be surprising. Happens often, stock gets hyped and pumped up and then they take that steam to roll out an offering. I know I've been hosed by that before.

Just think of just about every other small float stock that has a 100%+ intraday run. It rarely holds that price. Sure there are exceptions and multi day runs happen but it's not the majority. In my opinion not worth the risk.

I'm going to watch this in the morning and see what the volume looks like. I think it will cool down but if it has another run, can always wait to see if that is confirmed. No reason to just gamble on it. The chart tells a story.
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Doc Stock09/15/2020 02:12
I don't get married to positions. I took my 12% loss on my shorts and switched to buys. I can admit when I'm wrong, it looked like it was going down at the time of that initial post.

That just shows me you don't even consider risk management. Just assuming I am bagholding shorts.

It would take a lot more than that small hit to break me, I'm up 3x that. 🤑 This post you are commenting on is also position neutral.

GETTIN💸💸G@NG09/15/2020 02:35

So lets assume your not 🤔 what is your reason to be here acting like you care what others do it dont matter to me and it shouldnt to you . It aint my first rodeo but if you want to troll i am more than happy to troll you back


GETTIN💸💸G@NG09/15/2020 01:58
Your 4s eod were way off so lets see how the chart reading does for you 😬


GETTIN💸💸G@NG09/15/2020 01:56
Should have never shorted now your only hope is a offering either way its a win win for me goodluck young shorty hope this dont break you

GETTIN💸💸G@NG09/15/2020 02:22

Its not even fair 😂😂

Doc Stock09/15/2020 02:14

We can compare accounts if you like lad.


sta***com09/15/2020 01:54
im still waiting on gogo to drop

Doc Stock09/15/2020 02:13

Lol it did drop, 15%..


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