11/09/2020 14:18

$Switchback Energy Acquisition Corp The charts represent the speculation that Trump might've won the race, now Biden has won there won't be massive drops in the ev space much less charging companies. Wait if you want but this company is worth at least 20/share and if it follows any other ev company, it'll surpass that, they are all way overvalued and bystanders complained the whole time they rose to new highs
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jrj***com11/09/2020 23:00
TRUMP 2020 !!!


Hook β€œEM”11/09/2020 15:55
I got news gor you , πŸ˜†biden hasn’t won!


PipeDreams11/09/2020 14:58
You can block if you'd like πŸ‘


Coco11/09/2020 14:25
Dude shut up

who's your daddy11/09/2020 16:49

Exactly correct, in 2000 the media called Al Gore the new president for 37 days and were wrong....just being honest

Hook β€œEM”11/09/2020 15:57

Turn to newsmax and get the real 911, Trump s goin to win Az. , & Pa,
Remember Al Gore? πŸ˜† probably not!!!

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