05/27/2020 10:42

$SAFE-T GROUP LTD. fomo kicks in after 1.80. Low float here with decent ER news. Took small position only. waiting to see what other gappers with news show up by 9am or so
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Bullsdeep05/27/2020 10:55
30k vol just in the last 3 min candle alone. This should pop over 2 shortly I would think


Ronmar 05/27/2020 10:48
Im sorry, what does fomo mean?

Bullsdeep05/27/2020 10:53

no worries man. that's what we are here for. im not sure yet but if we break 1.70 clean and see 1.80ish thatlll def cause panic buying to push it up to 2-2+ This thing runs hard under the right circumstances so it was worth a small spec play. Anyone holding before today made out best

Bullsdeep05/27/2020 10:50

F.ear O.f M.issing O.ut

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LUDASHIMANE05/27/2020 10:44
yea I agree. happy to catch the first pop here. just sets the momentum our direction.


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