09/10/2020 01:57

$Tortoise Acquisition Corp love this company but sold my position . this will crash if you listen to ceo he said conservatively they will make 1million in profit first year and grow to roughly 2 million second. the product cost 16k. it has a market cap of 1 billion already cone on guys this is being pumped by retail investors and will end badly. it should be around 15-20 a share
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All Comments(10)

D.Reckoning09/10/2020 04:20


ide***com09/10/2020 02:59
But they are going to grow exponentially. The trucking industry is HUGE and there is plenty of room for competition....even though they have little right now.....which is even better. They will beat Nikola and Tesla in sales too I believe. Their product is cheaper and even better for the environment than an all electric semi. Plus, the companies won't have to buy brand new electric trucks....therefore saving cost. They may be making little profit at first.....but before too long, I could see them making 10s or 100s of millions. You are crazy for selling. Especially before the merger even happens. There will probably be a pullback after it peaks, yes, but that's where i will buy back in and hold for years to come. This company will be huge.


Cool Hand09/10/2020 02:34
If i read your post correctly the stock price should be running up much higher. You woudnt want it to go back down to buy back in would you 🤔


hrr***com09/10/2020 02:33
what about 2023 and beyond remember they already have the ERX being tested and 1000 binding order with agility.


StonkKing09/10/2020 02:06
I had 500 shares at 18.00 I cant be greedy

80sdaytrader09/10/2020 03:04

That's mighty Stonk of you...


Ram***com09/10/2020 02:05
Cool story but im still buying at low 50s 💰🚀


StonkKing09/10/2020 02:04
yes because idiots think this is going to be like nikola and truth is it won't peolle jumoing in now and pumping are anticipating the rise like with nikola and it might go up first two days then crash 50% easily

80sdaytrader09/10/2020 03:06

nkla fell from 93.00 to 29.00

AmongUS09/10/2020 02:20

And you know this how? Crystal ball? Nikola jumped up and they are years from having any profits or product. Hyliion is a stock that will grow forever. At some point its about setting in for the next 5 years. when nIkola comes out with a product in 22 hyliion will be a whole year ahead of the game. Tesla might join but their main focus isnt on yhe semi industry like hyliion is. we dont even know all the official partners of hyllion.


Rafa09/10/2020 02:03
🤣😩 this market wont be the same without you guys


AmongUS09/10/2020 02:02
So youre telling me the month of the merger its going to go down 30$? 🤡🤡


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Good afternoon
How is everyone doing?
Before we start let's pray together
"Father, we come to You again with confidence and trust. We are not afraid to trust You. You have never yet failed or disappointed us, when we have come to You with our needs — and You will not fail nor disappoint us now. Help us to believe in You, even when all things seem to be against us, knowing that it is because the story of Your providence is not finished, that it seems to move adversely for us."

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now a step closer to economic freedom. If you guys didn't make any money don't go hard on yourself you there will have other opportunities
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Have a peaceful night.
Remember to repent forgive and pray for the world and the president.
To YAHUSHA alone be the glorymastertrader101 09/29/2020 21:56
$Nikola Corporation just wait and see!!Stud muffin 09/30/2020 00:01

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