09/10/2020 18:07

$Tortoise Acquisition Corp Every comment ive seen in here about charts is ALWAYS wrong and thats no exaggeration. People that screenshot and draw shapes and say “cup and handle” and all that BS is never reliable. Comments section is NOT a good place for info. “Inverse head and shoulders” ...wow...WeBull is full of architects...not investors and traders.
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citystars09/10/2020 18:19
I follow people who trade options, they give a clearer indication of where the stock is heading. I don't trade options. They don't predict, only give probability. Charts are a good indication of when to enter and exit for me.

KidMoney$$$09/10/2020 18:23

If you are listening to the right person. These shapes people are making with a SPAC about to merge doesnt mean shit.


KidMoney$$$09/10/2020 18:16
Oh this guy is butthurt because he is the architect lol...well please be right for the first time out of all the shape makers so i can make some mula...and hey...an architect is a good job


yovideogames09/10/2020 18:14
You can't rule out technical analysis of charts as it can actually be a pretty reliable tool if you understand it for when to buy stocks. that being said, i don't believe techinical analysis matters with a spac ipo and some webull commenters are straight up paint chip eaters lol

KidMoney$$$09/10/2020 18:21

Its like a really serious rent a cop

KidMoney$$$09/10/2020 18:20

Very true...their “inverse head and shoulders” analysis is just retarded for what we are invested in and where we are going. Some people like to play smart.


HandofMidas09/10/2020 18:10
When you sell your call at a loss and became bearish... Just watch

KidMoney$$$09/10/2020 18:40

Everybody in these comments that say they dont use WeBull for trades but are here every day are just too embarrassed to show their positions...we all know that.

KidMoney$$$09/10/2020 18:16


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KidMoney$$$09/10/2020 18:08
I do this same shit with clouds but it means nothing.


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