An Tuấn

09/26/2020 20:14

$Hyliion Holdings Corporation you guy think it gonna okay ?
Hyliion Holdings Corporation-0
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Jax09/27/2020 13:46
You'll be fine


ass***com09/27/2020 00:52
your shll calls are golden if we pass merger vote then you'll just have to wait for ticker to change to unload them.


Hooch09/27/2020 00:22
your gunna make money for sure


zorro202009/26/2020 23:00
don't listen to some of these guys bro, your calls look great, if everything goes well on Monday, by Monday you should be itm in all of them no doubt, the party should be sometime after the merger, next week or before 10/09/... just wait to cash out.

zorro202009/27/2020 01:18

hey bud, i mean I could advice you, which is a bit different, i can tell you that i hold calls for 10/09 and 10/16.
in my own opinion if you get those calls for 10/16 you should be ok, if you go that route just make sure you get the ones as close itm as you can.

axelescobedo09/26/2020 23:18

Do you recoend me to do the same?


axelescobedo09/26/2020 22:52
Hey, do you recommend me to do the same? Thinking about doing it Monday?


Bing09/26/2020 22:47
Sell them on the initial spike and then buy back in for some longer term calls


PsychO09/26/2020 22:22
Im a noob just started 9 Months ago ive made my sHare of mistakes but y buy so high sell high buy low


Shimmer9009/26/2020 22:16
Leave it buY more


tha83rdyear09/26/2020 22:02
stop trying to flex 💪 bro. obviously u know your good. because if u didnt think so u would have cut your losses and moved on..


dca***com09/26/2020 21:34
haha your more than good


Gilgalad09/26/2020 20:36


Shail09/26/2020 20:33
I believe you should sell your 10/16 calls and buy a longer option

Dim3s09/27/2020 00:18

My calls are 10/2 if you look at nikola pattern people sell immediately. Dont hold bags.

zorro202009/26/2020 22:38

yeah why?
I think those calls are perfect.

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Leekoh’s Daddy09/26/2020 20:18


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