09/09/2020 22:06

$Shiloh Ind Point that there is a stock and asset purchase agreement which could be bid even higher seems to fly right over heads. Only reason for OTC is while proceedings take place, then you either get bought out as they go private or they relist after restructuring. lot of fools sold for a loss with the panic drop. Watch as it breaks out after the move 😂
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Brownie121109/10/2020 04:12
There is no fucking stock purchase you are so dumb... do some damn due dd for chrIst sakes this is why day traders get a bad name. You all must be dense


Cgarrison.Jr09/09/2020 22:19
This is a good point. The same exact thing happened to me with an oil company that got delisted earlier this year. It dropped as expected during the transition OTC and a day later doubled in price. If you are still in this, then that is because 1) you didn't follow your strategy/didn't have an exit plan or 2) you have reason to believe this stock is going to rebound. Don't be a sheep. Make your own decisions

Detroit John09/10/2020 10:10

PINK SHEET OTC, good luck selling your horseback stalking BS stock purchase, people are stupid AF, yes you!

EMMAI09/09/2020 23:24

legi- you must be one hell of a philanthropist or a short 🤔. You seem sooooooo focused on warning everyone about this terrible stock. Being such a great guy I’d guess that you might spread the love somewhere else but nope, the people of SHLO are yours, and yours to protect.

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