Joffre Balseca

05/27/2020 10:33

$Shopify so what happened yesterday? I see no news
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68390GT05/27/2020 11:45
Vaccine news causing a cycle of money going toward the more beaten up stocks and away from the stay at home stocks.


shane05/27/2020 10:48
after this I obviously know nothing lol

Joffre Balseca05/27/2020 10:54

lol you tell me?? I bought at it's first bounce thinking it will go up which it did but then it went even lower


Jared Vachon05/27/2020 10:41
just a small correction of it becoming overvalued give it no time it will be hitting new all time highs

Joffre Balseca05/27/2020 10:55

hopefully it finds consolidation at this level