11/20/2020 19:58

$Snap Even though my caveman brain says im dead because ive lost $1,000 on puts, I think itll turn around next week. Im holding because these constant bear traps have shown a propensity to suggest that monday and tuesday should be red. Barring stimulus that ratchets up the market or more options fuckery (which is clearly connected to the perma buy/sell orders that never go away), i think it’s likely that there will be at least two down days in a row next week. Rolled my strike prices higher when Snap hit $44, Gained $4 On my break even at a cost of 60 cents. Big picture people, hope everyone makes it out of here with some $$ but we all know thats not possible. always winners, always losers. the cycle repeats
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JPtheContrarian11/20/2020 20:46
Im holding too. Head and shoulders on daily at this point. If it goes up anymore than that im out.


otrd00211/20/2020 20:21

Galactic Trades11/20/2020 20:27



Galactic Trades11/20/2020 20:09
I hope your wrong

cal***com11/20/2020 21:01

It was supposed to be funny but the way i communicated it I went too far lol. hope you doin good and making $ man its all love over here

Galactic Trades11/20/2020 20:55

Its all good bro

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