11/09/2020 22:40

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. So im just curious and wondering if I'm missing something. But why is everyone expecting this to be $1 tomorrow? Today had a massive sell off, much more than buys today. So obviously some price correction going on. But what's going to make it jump .50 overnight without any news or anything major like that until they report earnings on Wednesday?
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Dan11/10/2020 00:17
You do realize it held 83% gain from last closing price?

Dan11/10/2020 00:18

Wouldn't class that as major sell off, to each their own.


cuz***com11/09/2020 22:45
Elon Musk, gives 👍


BigBrainTime11/09/2020 22:44
I think it was primarily because of Bidens win that surged this stock-- with more states legalizing cannabis it's just kind of predicted for this stock to do well. Especially with how it did during premarket 🚀
also looking at their yearly chart it seems like there's a good rise up until earnings is released so it can possibly just be that same pattern of hype 🤷🏻‍♂️

DirtyDan11/09/2020 22:45

Earnings will tell us all we need to know!


Tr311/09/2020 22:44
Do your research

Tr311/09/2020 23:02


Tr311/09/2020 22:59

Your dad is in transition to become your mom...but you convinced him to invest his surgery money into your trading account so the losses you’ve been taking hurt more.

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Jca***com11/09/2020 22:43
They had news this morning, getting into edible market. Plus the hype with a Biden win for President and his views on legalization. Depending if they beat earnings or not will play a major role

itzJoeyy56911/09/2020 22:52

both are going to happen tomorrow stoopid

DirtyDan11/09/2020 22:44

Earnings dictate either this company explodes or has another massive sell off


Okie11/09/2020 22:43
nothing it's all hype they think its going to have a amazing er. look at the past track record went from 16 dollars to .16 in a year and now the company is going to turn this pos around.....I dont think so. this just another ticker like tops, ship and many more that play this game.


aco***com11/09/2020 22:42
Pay attention to the graphics, its inching closer

DirtyDan11/09/2020 22:43

That.. doesn't help 🤦‍♂️


jtr***com11/09/2020 22:42
Volume today surpassed yesterday and so did revenue, should gap up. once it gaps up if the bulls jump on it we can push the price up further


mmmm11/09/2020 22:42
lol no news? new administration wants to decriminalize and more. plus the newest wave of states (5) made moves in the right direction


Let’sbereal11/09/2020 22:42
There was no news on Thursday wHen i bought looks like a good earnings play

DirtyDan11/09/2020 22:43

All cannibas stocks rallied once Biden took the lead. Im just having a hard time figuring if its still riding off the hype or if the stock is going to continue making big plays on its own.


PURE BULLY11/09/2020 22:41


PURE BULLY11/09/2020 22:41
4 trading sires was down may have tested it today


Shl***com11/09/2020 22:41
Im wondering the same thing that how in the world can it double or so worhout any news


Miz***com11/09/2020 22:41
Er Wednesday, Plus there new merge

CaptainPicksThemWrong11/09/2020 22:43



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