Frug Mcduck

11/10/2020 15:15

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. can someone explain to me why everyone thinks ER is going to be so awesome instead of working out negatively for us? from my noob understanding I thought you never hold thru earning just up to it but this stock everyone seems to say diff.

before some if yal start being annoying...asking a question isnt trading from the comments lol
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Spartan11/10/2020 15:28
Sometimes the ER can be a positive and good news is good for the stock but in this case its projected earnings are -.11 so idk


Tugboat11/10/2020 15:18
I question the same especially looking at what happens after earnings with this company but I'm not worried unless its below .26 ill take the little profits then worst case. but I have faith with it being a Canadian company and just joining the edible market. this earnings will be a beat of .02. but also a novice trader.


Odessa 💅11/10/2020 15:17
If your in canada you have deffinitely seen the blocks long line ups to get into the weed shops, consumption must be up ten fold thanks to the pandemic, sndl also makes a super cute vape pen and i have 2 😅


Jbunny11/10/2020 15:16
People are grasping at straws Anything to convince them and ithera that it will go up


Alex11/10/2020 15:16
No one knows, Including myself, We’re just being optimistic


NS$$11/10/2020 15:16
Non of the cannabis company is making profit. Same applies here

daydreamer11/10/2020 15:19



Iawilliams8711/10/2020 15:15
Its the risk factor, ot could pay off big


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