11/12/2020 01:17

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. yall be liking/bashing any post with the word short in it .. I'm getting out early tomorrow and moving on..too many desperate noob bagholders here, traded enough to know what happens tm, and if you go down my profile you can see the day we kissed 85 PM I called the price movement exactly.... clearly not a bear.... dumb asses
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All Comments(8)

Riiguy811/12/2020 10:05
Not his holdings😂💯


💯% GAINS💪11/12/2020 01:48
✌ don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out 😂


Heyoka Shaman aka Sacred Clown11/12/2020 01:23
they might bring the price up a bit to attract more volume/new investors/fomo investors back in but don't get too greedy.


🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳11/12/2020 01:21
all these comments on here got me thinking there is a bunch of fake bulls here shorting.

Reggiesmoker11/12/2020 01:30

yep and they aren't even on webull can't short these types on webull it's bs


DocHolliday11/12/2020 01:21
well, Bye!


Sunbun ☀️11/12/2020 01:20
Lol okay bro you might not be a bear but that doesnt excuse you from being a clown

myc***com11/12/2020 01:36

imao. yall too unforgiven

Reggiesmoker11/12/2020 01:31

bruh you bagholding. sit down


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