Zonald Bloopy

11/12/2020 02:43

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. This stalk is then couldnt have any then any better. there sint too kich there could even be in this id say this could be the next microsoft to be honest computers and growing equipment then like such as other things are then other equpment which can then be used and theee are and this is why there are two difterent aspects to rhia, this is why we can see that a company capable or doing suxh things aa computers can then make its way until its put into the fore after it could go up many high to the verty good proce or 40 dollars a share which would make me then vertt tood
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All Comments(7)

jackal11/12/2020 04:51
Wow. That was interesting. Not to be mean, but you didn't pay attention in English class did you?


Aba***com11/12/2020 03:44
somebody sampled the discards from the last harvest


GeneralSpade11/12/2020 02:58
Wtf language are you speaking? About to be Brokeanese

Junior11/12/2020 03:03



One Dumb Bartender11/12/2020 02:55
Stfu noob


Go Big11/12/2020 02:54
not only an investor, but a current user?

Ant Contreras11/12/2020 03:10


Sup***com11/12/2020 02:52
Had a small stroke reading this


madhatter010011/12/2020 02:44
Dude spell check wth are you even saying


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