11/14/2020 14:42

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. Guys I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, but you have to understand that without a R/S or a strong catalyst we are not going anywhere. It clearly says on the ER that shareholders approved a consolidation of shares WHICH MEANS A REVERSE SPLIT ( I.e 10 shares Worth one, for the same price) yes prices might fall in the short term but there will be a few shares to trade so new buyers or shorts won’t have the same freedom they have now to short or scalp the shit out oF this stock and this will allow the shares prices to go up if we keep holding like we are now. BELIEVE ME, a R/S now and news about legalization in December could drive share prices to $3 at least depending on what type of R/S they’ll go with. A lot of companies do reverse split and their shares soar because they have potential, This could be one of those
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Johnny Ca$hflow11/14/2020 15:40
yo man u got a lot to learn🤣😂 you have no clue what your talkin about sorry to tell you. In a nutshell...if not 1.00 by dec 28 the have 180 day extention. Also, they have 60mil in cash. They would do a buyback before a r/s to consolidate. R/s is only when no other options are left. The recent partnerships and increase in legalization are going to help a lot. They eleminated most debt they had and are soon expanding business here in the states as well as internationally. There is still much much more that i dont have time to get into. Do more research. Look into there partners as well and their managment. You will see.

Scarborough 11/14/2020 15:50

even if they don't get to a Dollar by December 28th they still have an extension.

Alex11/14/2020 15:45

I never said I knew it all. So thank you for the clarification. I knew they would have the possibility to buy back but I didn’t think they wanna spend that Cash on buying back instead of a rapid expansion. That was my thought too, like they wouldn’t wanna lose their partners trust. so I figured they would do a R/S.


MK-Ultr(A)11/14/2020 15:21
I need a laugh reach.
it it reverse splits now. It would probably be over 3 dollars at that point.
so you really talking about it going down further post reverse split. at best you are talking about it stagnating.

Alex11/14/2020 15:22

Yes eventually, it will go lower, then with investors’ confidence it will get right back, and ACB is your best example.


I Changed my name11/14/2020 15:08
But they clearly saId in the conference that “there are no plans on consolidating shares at thIs time ans if needed theyll announce it at a later date”

Ill remain hopeful until that announcement 🤷🏿‍♂️

jol***com11/14/2020 15:14

just because it was approved does not mean they will go thru with it

Alex11/14/2020 15:11

Sir, that’s just not true! I listened to the whole conference. They said they got the approval the board of shareholders, but they don’t wanna go that route. But they further details will be announded later if needed. Which leaves up with two options, either they have mind blowing news Or a RS. We can’t Afford to get delisted. Would you rather take a Few more weekS Or months to make money or literally lose it all ?


Scarborough 11/14/2020 14:47
they will run the price up just like they took it down.


Scarborough 11/14/2020 14:46
institutional investors would not have the best sale 103 million dollars if they were going to reverse split not going to happen.

Scarborough 11/14/2020 15:53


Scarborough 11/14/2020 15:52

even if they don't get to a dollar December 23rd they still have an extension and it's not going to reverse split

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