11/15/2020 17:26

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. Be careful with this one. Its a red flag once you start seeing old articles and pumpers coming out in force trying to sweep a weak earnings report away like it doesnt matter. They only confirmed what the chart is telling you. Disappointing earnings is the reason for the downtrend since its IPO.

Looking at the past week should give you all the info you need. Over 2 billion in volume and it cant even end the week over .30.

Will be keeping an eye on it but just for scalps.
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⚡ ¥OUNG L£G£ND ⚡11/15/2020 23:38


Durk Diggler 11/15/2020 17:35
they paid down debt in a significant way how exactly is that bad ?

Cyrus11/15/2020 18:10

Lol, good luck.

👾stockn-stacks👾11/15/2020 18:09

Maybe youre just an old trader stuck in your old ways when the whole world and market is changing. dont get left behind, change is always inevitable!

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