Gaseous Clay

11/16/2020 19:25

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. I have an honest question for all of the haters here. What is it about this particular stock that has so many people seeking vengeance. Are a lot of you coming from big losses after buying long and decided to play the other side to recoup the money? Or are you ex-employees who desperately want the company to fail? I mean, I get it, the market doesn't exist without bulls and bears alike. But it seems like some of you are so damaged that you really do enjoy seeing people lose everything. I would hope that there is at least some logical explanation for your behavior.
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Okie11/16/2020 19:35
i just like to short POS tickers. sndl is is just like tops and ship easy money

Gaseous Clay11/16/2020 19:48

Fair enough. I would never knock someone for making money any way they can, as long as it's legal. Just curious why this ticker in particular has so much genuine hate. More than anything I've ever seen. It just seems like this goes beyond making gains. Usually when people are doing well financially, they don't need to beat up on the little guys and get so much joy out of it. It seems personal for a lot of people on here.


One Dumb Bartender11/16/2020 19:31
So many bagholders are pumping this turd that noobs are falling for it and winding up losing.
Nobody bothers reading the financials on this company so they deserve to lose money

Gaseous Clay11/16/2020 19:42

I agree with you to a point. there is way too much pumping and unrealistic optimism, but to be fair, all of the pot stocks are doing bad and financials are not the end all, be all when it comes to penny stocks in general. Let alone companies in their infancy. Hell, lots of biotech stocks do well and most don't earn a single penny for years or decades. But if anyone is buying this for a quick gain, yeah they arebin the wrong place.

Gooliani11/16/2020 19:38

they're not doing to bad to say we're in the midst of a pandemic


Blah12311/16/2020 19:28
Well said!!! I havent lost. i bought and sold bouGht and sold. Back in This thing and aveage down to .26 so im ok. Just iGnore all negative comments, after all its your moneY. spend it how u want it ....never take advice from anyone, let alone WEBULL

Gaseous Clay11/16/2020 19:37

Same here. I held for months and sold half last week. More than doubled my money but I still think it has long term upside and I guess it's house money at this point. I want it to do well, but I also wouldn't wish for the bears to wind up destitute under a park bench either.


Lenny11/16/2020 19:28
I think a lot of people dont want it to succeed since they sold for a loss. i did as well but i hope everyone makes their money on this. i just dont see it happening anytime soon. goodluck!

Gaseous Clay11/16/2020 19:33

I agree, it is going to take a while. I'm not in a hurry to sell so it doesn't bother much. Just curious is this many people are just naturally hateful or if they have sustained damage as well. Good luck to you too.


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