11/17/2020 03:21

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC.I rather tell you now than for you to end up losing most of your money. No matter what one tells you that is good about this company, its evident they have no idea what they are talking about. If you are at a loss, take the loss and move on. Dont waste your time. Ive been trading for over 15 years and never lost a dime. You’re only fooling yourself with this as this would only be a dream. If you’re going to go a ride that’s going up, get off before it starts heading down. The ride is far gone already and you have already missed it. I jumped on the ride about a week ago and got out after making a little over 10k. Though i was up over 90k at one point. GET RID OF THIS STOCK. YOU‘LL BE BETTER OFF. ITS A FOOLS DREAM NOW.
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⚡ ¥OUNG L£G£ND ⚡11/17/2020 06:11


EsoHealth11/17/2020 05:23
Trading 15 years and didn't take profits at 90k, or at any moment down to 10k profit, then sold at 10k profit? 😂😂😂 Good call, dipshit. Listen to this guy.


♈TONY🤘🏻11/17/2020 04:26
who saw the mandalorian this past Friday? i did 🤙🏻


SKoStocks11/17/2020 03:42
thoughts on Baba?


Geromino11/17/2020 03:39
Thats all you got? Lol clown 🤡

Eas***com11/17/2020 03:44

No..that is just one of my accounts. i have over 5 different brokerage accounts. would you like to see one of my other accounts? And no matter what you can say, im sure i got more than you. lol.


MyPrinterGoBrrrr...11/17/2020 03:29
STFU 🤡🤡!!!! My money bit🤬h!!!

Eas***com11/17/2020 03:30

Good luck on that.


jer***com11/17/2020 03:26
im keeping all my stock. but thanks.

patienceiskey11/17/2020 04:42

he made his account like last week

patienceiskey11/17/2020 04:41

of course paper trade lmao

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