11/17/2020 10:22

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. Yaโ€™ll still holding those bags ๐Ÿ˜….. itโ€™ll be a while i tell ya! sometimes you gotta know when to pack up and go home! This is by far the worst company... they do not protect their investors! in my opinion, Its one of two things, Its either they gave up too many shares to retail investors and now they have little to no control to keep the stock stable or help it move up... OR, they themselves dont believe enough in this company and selling their shares everytime the price goes up to cut their losses!! Either way, its no bueno! Red flags all over!
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All Comments(6)

Coreweeeeee11/17/2020 10:37
What happened to marijuana stocks when Biden was projected the winner? Youre a moron if you think they wont make another job if its voted for

Omar11/17/2020 10:45

Lol, im the moron!! Thatโ€™s hilarious .. You shouldve sold when it reached 0.85! thats 300% profit, easy!! Instead you got greedy and here you are! Its funny when u try to help someone see clearly, this is how you get treated.. u can hold this stock for a year for all i care and wait to make a 100 or even 500% profit! Meanwhile, Smart ppl will be moving money from one stock to another making bank instead of tieing up money in this b.s stock !โ€”- for those who cant see it, I give sight to the blind


Coreweeeeee11/17/2020 10:32
All these new traders expect to make millions in 24 hrs and has 0 patience. I dont think stock market is for you.


Coreweeeeee11/17/2020 10:31
Dog shit opinion. Congress is voting on weed In couple weeks.

Omar11/17/2020 10:35

Alrighty then! See you in a couple of weeks.. nothing will have changed... i wonder what youโ€™ll be saying next! Maybe wait until january when biden takes office ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ.. Its good to dream but at the end of the day, Eventually! You gotta wake up man!


Omar11/17/2020 10:26
I wish i was! I wouldve made a lot of money out of this! But ive honestly got nothing to gain or lose from saying this.. its just my two cents in ..


Coreweeeeee11/17/2020 10:23
Youre definitely a short


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