Steathford Asset Mgt

01/04/2021 21:51

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. The problem with all of you is you’re using 1950’s indicators that come with a mediocre brokeage like Webull. You are flying blind with SNDL if you’re not using proprietary custom indicators developed by quantitative mathematicians at top trading firms, using modern sector technology. If you want our two cents on what’s happening with SNDL, all we’ll say is that at any moment this month, a decent catalyst will send this equity to high .70s. Then it needs another catalyst a few weeks later to send it to either 0.96 or the high fibonacci level of 1.29. It will NOT pass 1.29 unless a merger happens. Which is highly unlikely.
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tig***com01/04/2021 22:02
uhm major catalyst already happened the largest is Democrats winning ga leadi g to yes on mores act buddy ...


slap that 🤡 01/04/2021 21:58
spot on big boss finally someone who didn't drop out of community in here


MikeB01/04/2021 21:55
My guess is first catalyst is democrats in Georgia and second catalyst is passing of MORE act in Senate? Sounds like those two price points are realistic for those catalysts

Steathford Asset Mgt01/04/2021 21:59

Those catalysts are excellent. But the MORE act wont pass until 2022-23 most likely due to the republican seats. The Georgia catalyst looks probable though. We’ll need Georgia and then good news of SNDLs Q4 to reach high 70s.


Marcus01/04/2021 21:55
man with predictions like those you should be super rich by now right?

Steathford Asset Mgt01/04/2021 22:01

”You’re God Damn Right.” -Heisenberg


Ultimate Bag Holder01/04/2021 21:54
Either way I will still make money as long as it goes up. 1.29 doesnt sound bad but in time im sute we will see $4+.

Steathford Asset Mgt01/04/2021 21:57

$4 is impossible unless an acquisition happens with Tilray or A merger with Aurora Canabis. Both which are highly unlikely. The only way you’ll see $4 printed on the NASDAQ is by a reverse split. And we all know its downhill to $1 from there again.


Oak Tree01/04/2021 21:54


Me01/04/2021 21:53
so take your comments to your other brokerage 🙄

Steathford Asset Mgt01/04/2021 21:55

Or maybe take your trading education to another level. 🙄 Funny how life always consists of the choices we make.


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