01/05/2021 05:01

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. I honestly wouldnt have wanted trump to lose any other way. watching him and his supporters kick and scream these past couple months has been priceless. we all know come Inauguration Day the red hatters wont do shit and the GOP will never be taken seriously again. its honestly perfect for sundial how this has all played out. BIG BLUE WAVE 🌊 now the trumpers will have to cope with being the minority they hate so much for at least 2 more years. Ahhh sweet sweet victory 😇 made even sweeter by the maniacal drivel of the worlds biggest LooOoOOoSEEEERRR 😂
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All Comments(14)

Max***com01/05/2021 06:32


DOOMSTA01/05/2021 06:11
Ignorance is bliss obiden is bullshit


jesuschrist01/05/2021 05:47
trump won


jla***com01/05/2021 05:26
laugh now cry later liberal


HoldPlease01/05/2021 05:23
Too bad Trump won.


HoldPlease01/05/2021 05:23
Socialism coming your way. 😉


Ashlon Green Seeker01/05/2021 05:22
haha, yeah. except no, he should be running for his life that sack of worthless shit has been tenacious


aud***com01/05/2021 05:14
We getting a 100 sweet?


Buy Doge01/05/2021 05:10


Angel01/05/2021 05:10
Im so excited to pay more taxes and support them with my hard earned money!!!
we should all just give 100% of our income ..

Angel01/05/2021 07:01

I really want to understand your theory please help me understand?
Why does the government make me pay more taxes then those out there that want to riot or get depression from the lack of?
Why because we work 16 hour days so we can prosper from our hard work then it get smacked with higher taxes than those that only work and put half the effort in?
Please help me understand because its at the point I want to riot!
We want equality too!!!!

Angel01/05/2021 06:48

I have never heard of more Ignorance than what i just read!
You do realize the more you make the higher your tax bracket moves UP !
You see with 9% Payroll and WC with 6.5 ss and 1.5 medicare we are at 17% For each employee to start with.
I do not expect you to understand tax brackets
but we are up there and I want it to be equal !!!!
My 16 hour days exceed your 8 hour days yet I am required to pay more !
Tell me why please ? Lets be equal and Pay the same percentile !!

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Ket***com01/05/2021 05:08
Sweet victory for your potential 100 dollar gain in sundial is not a victory 😂

Joh***com01/05/2021 07:28

I've made a lot of money of these shares since .26 back in September.


Scoop el bag holder01/05/2021 05:06
Yay more taxes for everyone! 🥳

jyo***com01/05/2021 06:02

Well then u better get on this sndl action. gotta offset them taxes by being rich


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