01/06/2021 13:23

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. Good morning weed lovers. i need some help here. i am relatively new to trading. I recently tried my hands at options trading. well.... I dont think i quite understand it... would someone please give me a little info on mine? I only bought 1 call as a practice shot to try and understand it.. thanks in advance yall
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sausage hammer01/06/2021 13:50
what stock app you using?


D.U.D.E.01/06/2021 13:45
Ty!! You guys rock! This is the info i needed. thanks yall


Ste Ven01/06/2021 13:37
When you buy a call you are paying for the right to buy 100 shares at the strike. you now have the right to buy those 100 shares at your strike price at any time on or before the expiration. If you don’t want to buy 100 shares at that price you don’t have to. You could sell the contract for more than you paid for it for a profit. i would recommend doing research anywhere but the comments of Webull tho btw.


Kei***net01/06/2021 13:33
Looks like you bought a call option with a strike price of $.50 that expires next friday for 10 cents (costs you $10). This gives you the right to buy 100 shares at .50. You can either sell this option, which would currently net you $3 or if it closes above 50 cents at expiration, you would be required to buy the 100 shares at 50 cents.

Hope this helps


cla***com01/06/2021 13:31
You were betting SNDL would be above $.50 (your strike price) by 1/15. You bought that contract for .10 a share, because a contract is for 100 shares that cost you 10 bucks. Now that SNDL is in the .60s, that contract should be worth .15-.20 (15 to 20 bucks).
You can sell the contract during market hours, but I'd wait to see if it goes up more. Once you are above your strike price, the contracts usually move with the stock close to 1 cent for 1 cent. So if it goes to .70 or .80, you can sell that contract for 20-30 bucks, or 200-300% what you paid.

cla***com01/06/2021 13:39

Also, OPTIONS PRICES DON'T CHANGE PREMARKET because you can't trade them. You will see that actual price of the contract at 9:30


King042501/06/2021 13:26
There is a couple really good youtubers out there that do videos on Calls i would recommend going to them for advise because a comment section of webull wont be a huge help. You can loose a lot of money with calls if you dont know ahat you are doing or make a shit ton

King042501/06/2021 13:27

Youtube InTheMoney


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