01/06/2021 17:32

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. Hi everyone, sorry for the noob question. I know, I know I'm a 🤡. But I have a question if someone could help explain to me. If I wanted to sell this stock at .70 what type of order do I need to place. I've been experimenting with the stop profit/loss orders but I don't think I'm quite getting it. I've been holding for a while at .66 and I'm looking to possibly get out.

Thanks in advance

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UREVIG01/06/2021 17:37
Limit. .70

Select GTC, good to cancel or day. Also select the extended-hours button


jer***com01/06/2021 17:37
limit sale put the trigger price at .70


man***com01/06/2021 17:36
hope that helps


man***com01/06/2021 17:36
Just adjust the price to .70 with LIMIT sell order... it won't sell till/ if it hits that target

man***com01/06/2021 17:54

no worries. I had the same issue when I started lol. best of luck to you!

SuperMario01/06/2021 17:40

thank you very much, I understand now. I was worried if I did what you did there it would execute immediately since the current price was below. I was thinking how a limit buy order works. its basically reversed (which makes sense)


ber***com01/06/2021 17:34
if you've already purchased the stock, it would be a limit sell. if you haven't purchased yet, then it would be entered as a "take profit" under the additional options shown when making the purchase

SuperMario01/06/2021 17:36

yes I purchased a while ago. so a limit sell order at .70 won't immediately execute the order since its less then. 70?


Aro***com01/06/2021 17:33
limit sell


352****47701/06/2021 17:33
Limit order


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