01/06/2021 20:30

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. This is not Republican or Democrat issue. It sure as 💩 should be an American issue. Weren't Democrats yelling it was fixed when Hillary lost? It's worth taking a DEEPer look. Not to make Trump president, but to ensure fair elections. There is documented evidence the court has thrown out as insignificant, well let America see the evidence atleast?????
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Rob01/06/2021 20:35
Yes the courts did shut it down thats the problem...The supream court had a obligation to look into the fraud and did not, thats a major issue....There were major constitutional laws broken regardless of your political position!


jeffrey martel01/06/2021 20:35
its a baby trump thing so so glad he is out. but watch he said he wouldnt leave
cause he knows its prison waitting for him . too bad they can only prove tax evasion

Nickorpheous01/06/2021 20:37

Prove his tax evasion then


GreatestTrader01/06/2021 20:34


James01/06/2021 20:34
Completely agree. Democrats are the pettiest of the petty. They wouldn’t shut up about Hilary’s loss for the longest time


Jon***com01/06/2021 20:33
Most only see any evidence on late night tv who are Biden allies and exagerate the crybaby trump with his baseless claims. If they're so baseless, put them down on a list and show us. wtf???


Nickorpheous01/06/2021 20:33
I love the names demoncrats come up with lmao


jer***com01/06/2021 20:32
even mike pence and mcconnell agree. you are only destroying the republican party.


jer***com01/06/2021 20:30
oh stfu. countless judges turned it down. fcking traitor.

Nickorpheous01/06/2021 20:34

Stop being so soft


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