01/08/2021 10:54

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. when I think of sundial stock and the continuous MASSIVE VOLUME that it has I think of one of the biggest breakouts ever eventually.But anyway the Funny reason and so damn accurate I texted was to share this anaolgy.Anyone who has ever watched the movie HERE COMES THE BOOM. (Appropriate name also lol) when (dammit can't think of name right now lol funny fat guy from zookeeper and lots of others) anyway he jumps up on the desk and starts explaining how cells/atoms work. funniest shit ever but 100%how this stock will be.
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DenverSOLOSTOLETHESHOW🤑🕺😎🚀01/08/2021 11:00
what's that actors name haha I'll think of it soon see if anyone beats me

DenverSOLOSTOLETHESHOW🤑🕺😎🚀01/08/2021 11:12


phi***com01/08/2021 11:02

Kevin James??


DenverSOLOSTOLETHESHOW🤑🕺😎🚀01/08/2021 10:59
somebody help me here lol gonna drive me nuts now but I feel like it's kinda an easy trivia so I'm trying not to cheat

DenverSOLOSTOLETHESHOW🤑🕺😎🚀01/08/2021 11:03

but that analogy what you think lol?

DenverSOLOSTOLETHESHOW🤑🕺😎🚀01/08/2021 11:03

you win haha

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