01/08/2021 11:05

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. Guys i m new to webull and meed your help... so lastnight before 8pm i put an order in to sel all my sundial stock and did hit the extended hoUr also.. this morning i check and it said i have no position in sdnl but all my money gone? It said i only have $1.70 in my buying power? Can sOmeone plz tell me why and whre is my money sent?
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ric***com01/08/2021 11:20
if you sold after hours you won't get your money till around the opening bell

Foo***com01/08/2021 11:26

I understand that but i still should have my stock right? But i didnt it said no position


Neigel01/08/2021 11:17
Simple see if you have buying credit if so thats where your money is till it settles


YaGirlLuvMe201/08/2021 11:14
Once u sell it takes two business days


gre***com01/08/2021 11:12
if your using a cash account and you sold early it would be in your cash balance. you should receive it when the open bell rings


Truk01/08/2021 11:11
Check open orders Probably hasnt sold yet

Foo***com01/08/2021 11:15

It got to be sold i have no position in there at all


MrE***com01/08/2021 11:09
maybe it's processing. when you sold did it go through? A notification gets sent right away

Foo***com01/08/2021 11:21

It didnt go thru yet coz i had at market order and it was like 2 minutes before 8pm .. i didnt get any notification and thought it should be sold next morning .. i was $78 its nothing to all of you but its alot to me .. my mom open this acct for me and gave me only $20 and a free stock but i made up to $78 i was so proud Nd now whatever i did it was gone ., i m 13


Whitney and Gustavo01/08/2021 11:08
Takes 2 business days for your money show up as cash. so probably monday yo will have your money as buy power


Rick01/08/2021 11:08
You prob just need a couple of days for your funds to settle if you Originally bought the shares with funds that had yet to be settled. Youll see something by Monday probably. Contact Webull on Tuesday if you dont see an update to your account by then.


jon***com01/08/2021 11:08
it's probably in open orders


Dufresne01/08/2021 11:06
Limit order it not marker order

Foo***com01/08/2021 11:09

I didnt limit order i just hit “ sell” it jut disappeared


757Tev01/08/2021 11:06
did u use margin to buy it?

lic***com01/08/2021 11:10

If you're not on a margin account your funds will need a couple days to clear after a trade.

Foo***com01/08/2021 11:08

No i didnt use margin.. i dont think i even know to how to do that


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