01/08/2021 16:10

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. i think its funny people think bidens going to be the understanding president about weed after him and harris spent the whole decade of the 90s locking people up for decades over pot charges. trump literally frees these people, so we vote back the guy who locked them up....with his vp that actually spent her career on these petty convictions. this was americas last chance and we blew it. china won.
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All Comments(11)

623****40501/08/2021 16:19
im nuts? i had a black uber driver really excited because his brother was getting released from prison. he was serving 50 years from the 90s. harris put him in there. TRUMP released him...... let that sink in


rya***com01/08/2021 16:16
you need a binky, you need a safe space, huh little snowflake. poor guy still cant accept defeat, I bet you still think the election was rigged too🙄🤣🤣🤣

623****40501/08/2021 16:23

no, i dont think it was rigged to the point trump lost cause of it.....but i do believe there are some really ignorant people that should not be voting. the left lacks facts. its like you all let chris cuomo think for you.


BagHolder202101/08/2021 16:14
In the 90s, I thought weed was bad too! Times change, People grow and change.

623****40501/08/2021 16:16

and you thought it was bad because of the LIES being told to you from the DARE officer.....


BklynBully01/08/2021 16:14
They will right their wrongs. And we will see to it that they do. In the meantime, shut up and buy!


Sevnpai01/08/2021 16:13
Mexico and canada have legalized it we would be the only major market in the west that hasnt that would be a horrible business move phr money will go outward and we want to keep it i America. Think critical.


323****42001/08/2021 16:12
That is the truth! China has a chain around the U.S’s neck. All these people are blind for supporting the removal of tax tarrifs.


InvestmentsForLife01/08/2021 16:12
so many people are ignorant to what Biden was even affiliated with.


Mr Dabolina01/08/2021 16:12
Its not biden its congress specifically the senaTe. the house did their part. If biden vetoes it he will be a fool!

623****40501/08/2021 16:17

biden was comgress for 42 years....


Yomama01/08/2021 16:11
Youre nuts lol


985****05901/08/2021 16:11


Marco01/08/2021 16:11
clown. people can change.

623****40501/08/2021 16:14

wait a minute.....how do you change that much? thats a complete 180 reversal. so they destroyed peoples lives over weed. we couldnt trust them to do the right thing back then. what makes you think theyre going to do the right thing now? obama and biden both raided california with federal agents when cali legalized it. anyone remember that?


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