Daves checked out

01/13/2021 01:51

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. Seriously find something with a low float and upcoming catalysts. This barely moves at all and frankly is a garbage company. The bulls here cant even compete with little 500k walls because theyre all sad little neo hippies spending 10% of their mcdonalds paycheques.

Slow money aint no money. We're in a blind bull market. Why waste time and effort here?
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Okie01/13/2021 02:58
your money tided up waiting and they're about to drop a offering. if i knew offering was coming im out. they drop one tomorrow this will be in 50s


Mad Maudo01/13/2021 02:52


Dr. Stockso01/13/2021 02:29
Stop chasing rockets and you'll stop catching afterburn.

Daves checked out01/13/2021 02:30

Yeah, I bought in here at 16¢. 99% of you idiots had never heard of sundial back then. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


Daytodayinla01/13/2021 02:10
Who hurt you?

Goethe01/13/2021 02:24


Daves checked out01/13/2021 02:13

Sundial touched my no no spots.


BUYtheASK01/13/2021 01:53
I hate to say it, but i sold today and took my winnings from .27 c avg . Opened seven other positions and doubled my earning in just one day. Smh

Daves checked out01/13/2021 02:13

You look like a /r/pennystock follower, but a few great plays for sure! Tnxp is printing money recently. That fat offering dip after I sold sure was sweet.


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